Thursday, April 9, 2015

Forty Diamonds Finished!

Finally...... the Forty Diamonds Quilt is done - DONE.

84" x 102"
Made of batiks with a Minky backing
Quilted with Superior Lava,  #210 Coconut thread for both the top and bottom threads
Notice this is being done free hand. 
Disregard the old lady's hands, who in the world is she anyway?

Continued quilting with my version of a feathered Fat Comma (coined by me) and the whole kit and caboodle is quilted.   Started out by marking the squares and had such a time marking them that I ended up just quilting by free motion quilting. 

Not too bad if I do say so. 

Used the Quilter's Tips for the first time too for quilting and found them helpful.  Would you believe my nails broke through two of them already so they don't last long but at least my hands weren't overheated and clammy while quilting, a huge plus in my book.  If you remember this quilt was already in our Quilt show in 2013 but the only quilting I did was to echo the sashings for the show.  I know, How Embarrassing!  I will never do that to myself again....EVER!  Only two more quilts that need more quilting now.  Think I'll pick up the Tweet Camping next when I return from the quilt retreat I'll be attending shortly.


Note to self: When using minky, it's directional so make sure to keep the nap in mind if a back needs piecing together. 

When bringing the grandchildren to school this neighbor's property inspired me to stop.

The front of my home this am: About 3 more inches of that white crap.  It's Pretty, but am tired of this color and am thinking of some lovely green would be perfect right now. 

Their Mom had one of her early days so they went out to follow rabbits tracks while Meme made their pancakes. 
This is our back yard at 6:30  am.  I did take a couple of photos of the grandchildren out there too, but they were all too blurry so I deleted them. 

And yes Susan, this isn't a park but our back yard. We do appreciate it and love its' beauty when we rest since we're home gardeners and like to garden and landscape our turf.  We just don't care about mowing it all come summer since it takes about 4 hours+ to do with the trimming and we're not talking about the weeding yet.   We own a couple of waterfront acres in the Adirondacks, our slice of heaven (and sweat).   Notice the patio bar set lined up and waiting  under the eaves? 

Patience please patio stuff, not yet..... but soon....I hope.

Next on the agenda will be to use the hot tub.   It's close to 40 degrees outside  right now at 5 pm and besides being a really long day it'll be wonderful to de-stress.  I really don't know why I work myself up so over the quilting of my projects like I do.  TTFN....


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a beautiful finish! With feathers, no less. =) I love the photo of the red against the snow. Too bad you still have snow!

Needled Mom said...

The quilt looks beautiful....the snow....not so pretty!

Carol said...

Lovely, lovely quilt finish, Jane!! I hope that snow has melted by now--we enjoyed a few days in Florida last week. It sure helped me get through this cool spring we're having here in PA!

Sheryl S. said...

Beautiful quilt finish. Love the colours.

Jasmine said...

Congratulations on the beautiful finish. I have often thought of feathers as commas. It's a perfect description.