Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Counting 1,2, etc..

Many things have been going on around here.  So I thought they could could be shared with counting them off.

First, we have one of these:

 PGS#3 came home from school and asked, "Meme, can I color my hair red?"
"Sure!" I said.  Out came the hair chalk colors.  There wasn't any red so he improvised.  Isn't he darling with rainbow colored hair?  smile......I had to leave since I had a meeting in town and found pink all over the bathroom when I got home.  I guess his sister did hers too as well as dusting the bathroom I should add.  And here I had just cleaned the bathroom thoroughly that morning.

Then after errands in town on another day I had one of these:

YUM!   A Caribbean martini.
The bartender gave me the recipe and I'd be happy to share if you're interested.

Then I got 2 of these finished, Mom's favorite dishrag pattern.  Love that orange variegated one.

When I saw the post Myra over at Busy Hands shared with her idea of finishing the edges of design boards with duct tape. It's  a spin off of Lori Holt's design boards which you can see here.   Eureka I thought! That would be just the ticket to make mine since I had hubby cut some boards about 6 weeks ago.  Not to mention that this family has had a fondness through out the years with duct tape (but that is a whole other story for another time).

I have the boards all cut, the light grey checked flannel in, glue with glue gun and now off to see what our duct tape selection is.   I may have to purchase some leopard print aqua duct tape for mine.  8- )

I actually had this aqua duct tape on hand so was able to make 7 design boards.
 2 at 10"x 20" 
2 at 15"x 20" 
3 at 20"x 20"  
The last size seems huge, but I have a quilt on my to do someday list that has many pieces and I think that size will work best for auditioning those pieces.

Then for sewing I did get my machines home from the spa.  Both are as good as new again.  Good thing too since my son asked if I'd sew on 36 of these:

Phew!!  Those took forevah and since I used the free arm on the sewing machine the height difference bothered my back quite a bit.  Had to rest after a couple on patches so I could stretch out and relax then resume shortly thereafter.   (I know he appreciates it but I'm so glad they are done!  It took several days to get all of them done with all the other things clamoring for my attention around here.)

And this doesn't count all the weeds I've been pulling and the planting that's been going on!  That's why I've been a such non-blogger lately.    Hopefully I'll be back sooner to share some other stuff.  

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Anonymous said...

That is a lot of patch sewing! He's lucky he has you for a mom. I love the design boards. I'm seeing them in a lot of blogs, and I may have to break down and make some myself. Somehow, I had missed this post. Glad I found it! That boy looks so cute, and cracks me up the things they get up to.