Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Feeling blessed

When I checked my email I got the happy news that I am a winner twice over!  Deana from Dreamworthy quilts notified me that I won her giveaway for the pattern Sewing Room Delight.  Isn't it beautiful!   Love all those machines, rotary cutters and irons, too cute right?

But that's not all.  Another email notified me that I also won a pattern through a Pinterest entry and would you believe that was from Dream worthy quilts as well.  So I not only won one of her patterns but actually two of them!  Squee!!!!

How lucky and blessed is that!  Here is Windmill. 

Aren't they both gorgeous!  Now all I need to do is make up my mind what I'll be focusing on next.  
So many decisions. 

Thank you so much Deana.  I've so admired so many of the beautiful quilts and creations from Dreamworthy Quilts for a while now and hopefully I can recreate some of your projects myself.
If I've teased you and you want your own, head over to purchase them.  Deana sends them out electronically and very quickly so you can download your own and start playing right away.
Thanks again Deana!

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desertskyquilts said...

How fun! Some of those blocks were in the mystery, which you probably know. I loved making the sewing machines and the irons. I hadn't seen this combination of blocks, though I've seen the second one you won. She is so very talented, isn't she? Just like you. =)