Sunday, October 25, 2015

Slow stitching today, ahhh....

Golden tamarack trees just brighten up the views everywhere.  Gorgeous contrast with the spruces deep greens.

This Asparagus on the roadside is so colorful that on Friday I did a U turn to capture it's brillance.
 I never knew the seeds were this color  -  RED.
The sky was a perfect blue and we had a great visit and beautiful 3 hour ride.
The tamaracks are spectacular on our ride to visit the eldest grandson in Tupper Lake this past Friday.  He is doing wonderfully with this transition and we are so proud.   Duh....., bad Grandma never took a photo of him while we visited!   The staff are impressed with how well behaved he is and he likes this new place immensely.  He's only there for 60 days during the intake process and then perhaps he'll be assigned to a home.  Fingers crossed.  It's nice that he is closer and it'll be easier to visit him.

Life has been fast paced this past week so not too much more has been completed on the WIP-be-gone or my Q-4 list.  That being the case, I seriously need to just be and breath today; so am planning on stitching February's design for the Red Thread.   Here's how it looks this morning.

I find hand stitching very soothing and zen-like.  When I stitch  I totally zone out and stop this monkey mind of mine besides progress some more on a project.  Ahhh....
Will be linking this up with Kathy's Slow Stitching Sundays and the stitchery link Party over at Super Mom No Cape.

Another day this past week the youngest grandchildren came after school.  We needed to dispose of the mammoth Sunflower that is in the lower raised garden bed and I urged Popi to leave it so the youngest one who loves Giant AND Jack and the Beanstock could use an ax and chop it down.

Of course the older sister wanted in on the action too.  Clearly you can see they got right into it!

Enjoy your "Funday", whatever your plans.  And remember to send praise for the many blessings you have. My brother is hosting his dirt bike invitational today so am happy it's warmer this weekend than last despite the drizzle.  ; )


allthingzsewn said...

I'm not familiar with Tucker Lake Or why your Grandson is there,But I will say a prayer that he receives whatever it is he needs. The youngest are cute trying to chop down the sunflower.
Hope you have a restful and peaceful day.

Needled Mom said...

The fall colors are gorgeous. We have a lot of asparagus fern here with the red berries, but I have never seen one change to the golden color - unless it is dying.

That was quite the sunflower to chop down!

desertskyquilts said...

I love the reds of Tennessee, but never knew the yellows could be so gorgeous, too!