Monday, November 30, 2015

November Ends

Where is the time going?  My world seems to speed up continuously and that seems impossible but each day is a blur.   The sunsets around here continue to be spectacular!  It's amazing to witness it like this at this time of year.
Some of The GRANDS:  PGS#3, PGS#2, PGD#1
2015 Thansgiving at Meme and Popi's
The Thanksgiving Holiday was wonderful.  Family that could make it did and most of all the grandchildren were around the table.  That makes my heart sing!
While preparing the feast, I received a call from lil' Miss PGD#1.  She wanted to come down could I pick her up?  Sure, I responded so I picked her up and she helped out quite a bit.  Her brother was also invited to come since I had  seen an appetizer dish I thought they'd like to create for our feast but due to some of his behavior errs was told by his Mom that now he'd have to wait until Mom and Dad came down. His loud thoughts were "that's fine by me"  I'll be glad when he gets through this stage and he'll be 7 soon.  

So this is what she did with just a little help from her brother.  Cute isn't it!

She also made the gravy for the feast and the lil' guy helped to set the table.  We had a very enjoyable day and spent some nice quality time together.  Eating, visiting, football toss, football watching, clean up and then some board games.  All in all so much to be grateful for.

Photo of the Grands taken at PGS#1 Birthday celebration at the end of October
PGS#3, PGS#1, PGD#1
He enjoyed meeting his youngest cousin for the first time and re-visiting with his older cousin.
The day after Thanksgiving, we spent it with the eldest grandson, PGS#1 and brought all of the dinner's leftovers to share a Thanksgiving Holiday with him.   Since he just arrived at this place, he's still in the observation mode so can't he can't leave the premises at his present step.  All the counselors are impressed with him and are repeatedly telling us that the individual on all the medical reports is not the same person they are seeing.  We can only hope he continues to do his best.  

Dear daughter celebrated her !! Birthday just before Thanksgiving, so we got together for that too.  The grands blew up about 150 balloons for the celebration.  The elder one, PGD#1 has learned how to make balloon animals so they used their Dad's compressor to blow them up when Mom was gone for the day.  That's one way to keep the young ones busy so Dad can continue to work on their new deck -  Brilliant!
PGS#3- age 6 still
During the party the youngest one, PGS#3 age 6 decided to static cling some balloons to the walls.  With just two of them sticking on his head, decided it was a strong enough hold to actually glue him to the wall too so he fly paper pressed himself against the wall saying, I'm stuck!  Oh where and how does he come up with the things he does, makes us all happy and scratching our heads wondering.  LOL      
Please disregard the blurriness of the photo, that's my fault with trying to capture these real life moments quickly.
My list of what I wanted completed is falling way short too of everything on it with the exception of my counted cross stitch- Bent Creek's, The Red Thread.  Sorry that I've erroneously been giving credit to Lizzie Kate for this design.  My bad!    Check out all the months- they are now complete:

I've surpassed my goal for this and it's just the end of November.  Yippee!!!  

All that remains now is the ribbon surround on the sides and top with the phrase to stitch along the bottom. That is slated for 2016 but who knows how far I can continue with it this this year.

 Some other bit's I'm grateful for are the Washington Hawthorne tree in the side yard.  It's always so gorgeous at this time of year with all the berries left on the branches for many weeks.  Then it seems like a flock of birds fly in overnight and devour them all in a day.  Since it's wintertime, I'm never sure when that happens, but I am hoping to find out when this year.

BTW- This shot does not do it justice.

Another thank that I enjoy is the natural thermometers outside the bedroom window.  Each morning when I lift the shades, I can note the cold.  Depending on the curl of the leaves and droop of the rhododendron's leaf clumps, you can instantly see how cold it is.  Notice the tightness and droop?  It's in the twenties this am.  Not that it gives it in numbers, only cold, Really Cold and SEVERLY COLD.  LOL  You can barely notice but the rotted timbers are slowly be replaced with landscape blocks.  So much more to do on that yet.

Another thank I have is the side deck is completed!  Yippee!!  That only took 14 months!  My BIL came over to help DH finish it and brought his tools with him.  It's beautiful and gorgeous.  The only problem is with that Trek decking being weathered for a whole year it's dirty and needs some scrubbing but right now it is way too cold to attempt that.  It will have to wait until the Spring.

DH and Siamak (my dear BIL)  taken the Saturday before Thanksgiving
and it was bitter cold while they were working!

THANKS Honey and SIA!!!!

DH installed the post solar lights this week.
They just softly cascade down each post,
(I'll try to capture a photo of them when they are lit.  
Edited this on 12/7/15 the day before the littlest grandchild turns 7.)
You can see the tiny lights just under the post caps despite the camera flash, we're all so satisfied.  8 )
Wishing you all the best at this time of year,

Saw an idea of another embroidery piece that would be sweet to stitch at some point.......

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Walking With Our Sisters Tribute

01walkingposterIn November I was able to visit a long awaited exhibit that I've been wanting to see.  Ever since reading The Round House by Louise Erdrich  back in 2014 when I stumbled onto information about the murdered and missing Aboriginal women and children across Canada and the northern aspects of the US is when my interest was piqued.  Perhaps it was even sooner than that since when my book club read that novel, I presented several print out sheets regarding the vamp exhibit coming near this area in November 2015 for their knowledge and calendars.
I placed it on my calendar and regardless of the many different options of things to go, do, and be;  I wouldn't change my date.  DH and I saw it on the 7th while it was at Akwesasne First Nation,  Akwasasne Mowawk Territory  from November 6th through November 27th.  The event is traveling and ongoing, here is the schedule.

The exhibit was so tastefully done and done with a reverence to and for all those victimized by the unknown/unproven violence against women and children.  Interestingly, a good friend of mine was working the exhibit while we were there and kindly shared the symbolism and inside tribal knowledge about it.  (Besides of course contributing and making five pairs of vamps for her sister who was murdered at the age of 18 many years ago.)   The one on the right I believe is one of hers.

There were so many styles of vamps and many being respective to the peoples' environments with materials available to them and custom techniques commonly practiced in their communities.  Such artwork!  The symbolism and craftsmanship shown was remarkable.  Many beaded, sewn, colored, embroidery stitched, appliqued, totems attached, leather, silk, canvas, shoes of the infants, and even out of bitten birch bark,  etc....  

No photos were allowed and customs had to be followed to protect visitors from any lingering spirits.
I am so humbled by what I witnessed.  
If it's in your area, please try to attend. It's a once in a life time event.

Writing and posting this in 2016  when I found some time!