Saturday, December 12, 2015

Community quilts quilted

Another Project I wanted to clear up in December was quilting a community quilt for the WFQG was realized.    That's two of the three done and in the busiest month of the year.


I used Anne Bright's design as inspiration to do a meandering crayola with a brightly colored variegated thread.  Since there are numerous ladies who only do bindings for the guild, this will be shipped off to them at the January meeting.  I actually had this finished before the December meeting but with the excitement of the Christmas party, auction and other happenings, I left it on the living room chair when I left in the morning. ; (  It's only a 90-100 minutes away in one direction - so it'll have to wait until January to get out of here.  But Yee haw, Another one done!
Linking this up with AYLoF since that goal was met.

Am thinking of listing my goals come January with AYLoF and Angie at a Quilter readers garden because by continuing this practice, it's realized many times and it's a gentle push to get things done with the chance of a nice reward AND since I do have that procrastinator gene that I have no idea where I got it from it just what I need!
Editing this on 1/3/16 since the Holidays were super busy and I have con't health issues trying my patience again!

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