Sunday, December 20, 2015

My First Stocking finished!

Gladly, I was able to finish PGD#1's Christmas stocking by the 20th of December that  I desired! Yippee!!!!

But, there was another problem... The Heel!
For a comparison, the difference between a sock for Brody correctly done on the left  by my Mom, and the Albatross I knitted for McKenna on the right.
The following is the photo sent when I texted my Mom with the title: "Houston, We Have another Problem"!

It's totally messed up and I see where it happened, the gusset at the heel.  I never realized that it was wrong  until I was knitting the bottom ring of red near the toe part just before changing to the green.  How ridiculous is that!    AND my self imposed deadline was the next day.  Not enough time to rip out and try to figure out the correct way to do it, I just had to plug on.

I think there was around an extra 46 stitches added to the girth of the foot.  No wonder it took me forever.
Mom said she'd show me the correct way to do it the next time we get together so I think I'll be making another stocking in the near future so I get down to the heel area.

I think this one will be left alone since McKenna confidentially shared with me that she likes that bigger stocking.
That way Santa can put more goodies in it she informed me with a smile!  ; D
I didn't have the heart to tell her Santa would be hard pressed to stretch out the top of it to get something into it.  It's big enough for a watermelon on the bottom but there is no way it'll fit through the cuff!

What's that saying I like?  Oh yeah, "Finished is better than perfect!"  I'll be linking this up with Melissa of A Lovely Year of Finishes.

Now to start  on another one and I'm thinking of making this one for their Dad, but making another goof (on accident on purpose) and making it really skinny.   I know, I'm bad!!!!
Editing this on 1/3/16.


Anonymous said...

McKenna's comment would have been mine, too! More room for goodies. =) She doesn't have to actually wear it, and anyway, hanging it won't really be noticeable. I think she's the lucky one to have YOUR stocking! I will never be knitting a stocking for anyone. If I tried, I'd certainly be making a tube sock!

Needled Mom said...

My kids would want the larger one too. ;-) I can imagine how much longer it took with all of those extra stitches.

feltfree på Åsly said...

These are nice