Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 desires

Going to keep it real and not try to be so wordy here.

The two phrases that seemed to align themselves to me for this year are:

"Do the Work" 

"Live with Joy"

My intentions for 2016 area:

  1. Lose 60 pounds this year.  Will do this by loosing 5 pounds a month, sounds very doable.
  2. One Monthly Goal finished (that will get me at least twelve projects finished by year end!   8 )
  3. A minimum of One book read each month, perhaps sometimes two - I really enjoy a good book.
  4. Continue purging duplicates, downsizing and re-organizing my stuff(s)
  5. Literally, stop spending so much on my crafts and make do with all that I have.  With that in mind,  I plan to track all of my expenses in these arenas: quilting, cross stitching, beading, knitting, etc.  Though I will allow some expense in order to finish projects with a reward of purchasing something after a minimum of  5 UFOs, PhDs, PIGS, WIPs or WHIMMs are done!  No since painting myself into a corner!!!!   LOL  
  6. Bust the Stash while also tracking it for Judy's stash report over at Patchwork  times.  Also plan to store my projects out of sight into bins (in the basement if I have to) so I can alleviate this monkey mind of mine that switches into high gear just walking into the sewing room. Keeping only one project out at a time.   Then continue Reorganizing my sewing studio, it is such a MESS since that stacked drawer fiasco happened.  DH just mentioned perhaps we should build an appropriate space to contain my creativity.  

So I'll stay true to my authentic self.  Keeping joy, love, and an open heart all the while staying grounded while pursuing my passions and creativity.

Due to the One Monthly Goal and the APQ ufo of twelve items for the year I'll announce this first listing of my January focuses I'll work on:
Hungry Hungry Caterpillar Pillow Kit
  • Make the Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar pillow with the teacher's poem printed onto fabric.  It was given to my PGD#1 several years ago by her teacher.   I had a whimm so purchased the panel around 2 plus years ago and it's remained a pig.  It's regretful that it's not even started yet so I'm glad 2016 will change that.  

  • Keep cross stitching the surround for the Red Thread piece designed by Lizzie Kate shown here. Hopefully I will be completely done stitching this by the end of February.

Apron panel with a lining fabric 
  • Make an Apron for my sister in law's Christmas gift for 2016. Another January goal.

Fleece for bench warmers at ice arenas

  • Make a Hockey, butt-warmer seat with the fleece I purchased in 2015.  My last January goal!

Here I go again, four listed 
and I only needed to mention one!  8{

My List of Twelve projects for the year to complete per the All People Quilt Challenge follows:
  1. Wool Candle Mat
  2. Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar pillow ***** JANUARY's selection
  3. Posh fabric scalloped table runner
  4. Seahorse Community doll quilt
  5. Red & White Challenge for CVQG
  6. BQ2 quilt with Fairies
  7. Braid Quilt Queen to King size
  8. CXS - The Red Thread by Bent Creek
  9. CXS - Rabbit Run, Just Nan designer
  10. Kim Diehl Kit (pig)
  11. Purse/bag Miranda started in 2011?
  12. Mystery Project
grab button for RedLetterQuilts

The number drawn for January is Number 2 so that will be finished first.  I was a day late to sign up to the one Monthly goal with Heidi over at Red Letter Quilts but will try to be more timely next month.

TTFN -  Jane

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desertskyquilts said...

That's certainly a nicely outlined list of goals! Best of luck to you in all areas this year, but especially in losing the weight. That much of a loss can make a big difference in your health and mobility!