Friday, January 1, 2016

First Night 2015 into 2016

We came, we saw, we enjoyed!
First night in Burlington, VT held their 33rd annual First Night but it was our first time there.  We went with a couple of other friends and had a really nice night out.  No outrageous parties, fights by participants or any hangovers too bout, what a major plus!  Seeing many different entertainers and with the warmer weather it was terrific and all available for the admittance of wearing a button! The organization was top notch with all the many pamphlets, maps and schedules available so they were printed out and saved electronically so were the cat's meow.

We saw:
Jon Gailmor - folk singer story writer geared towards children and families-we bought one of his cds,
The Brevity Band - nice music, but left early to claim a table at a neighboring restaurant for dinnertime, the event was well attended.
Dinner at Sweetwaters' with libations  ; )
Thea Lewis, author and historian of many ghostly happenings but the queue at the book store was too popular, so truly all the people that were waiting would never be able to get into the store and hear her stories : (     so we left to see:
The DuPont Brothers - we really enjoyed their performance of playing an indie-folk duo/quartet style,
The Red Hot Juba - nice music but the event place left a lot to be desired.  The balcony seats had limited views since the First Night organizers had posters of their sponsors hung by lacing them from the brass handrails which obliterated our views.  You couldn't see any of the performers on the stage, what a huge disappointment we had two shows scheduled to see here!
Kat Wright & the Indomitable Soul Band:  what a crooner Kat is and that band was fantastic.  They shared such nice, upbeat tempos, we both so enjoyed it.  It was the last performance of the night and a great way to finish it off.
We didn't stay for the fireworks.  We left because of the limited ferry transportation back home to NY. Bruce mentioned that there was only one ferry per hour that night and luckily we were the last vehicle allowed on the 12:20 AM ferry, otherwise we would have had to wait another hour.  What a nice beginning time-wise for 2016.  I am hoping that that time trend continues for me throughout the year.  Another plus was that we actually did see limited fireworks from the interstate while traveling through Winooski, what a nice way to end a year and bring another forth!
Would I go again next year.....You BET!!!!

Reference #26971 to a letter I sent to the organizers and Mayor Miro Weinberger complimenting this event!

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