Sunday, January 31, 2016

OMG January by the skin of my teeth!

One Monthly Goal for Janauary  just finished!

The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar pillow is completely done.   Yippee!!!!
Just 37 minutes left until the OMG deadline ET, how's that for pushing it to the edge since I started sewing on it this am after seeing the thread challenge sponsored by Kim  at Persimmon Dreams  knew how this one would fit the bill in several arenas I want to play in.

A panel was used for the front and I had a nice butterfly fabric in the stash to use for the backside with an older white on white fabric used for the lining fabrics.  The butterflies worked like a charm surrounding the poem copied onto fabric using the fusible computer printer fabric made by Tailor.   Worked like a charm.
In progress quilting playing with many threads.....

Using the blue Fine Point Mark B Gone Pen to draw in the flamed curves on the face of the sun before quilting helped me to stitch it.  Pay no mind though that I didn't follow it exactly, ah hum... I call that creative license!  VBG

Some more of the details showing the lining with a few of the stitched elements of it.....

I free motion quilted the rest as I saw fit and had fun while doing it.  The worst part was trying to follow that cobweb.  It had so many starts and stops to get that one stitched.  So I had many thread tails to bury when it was done, but now that it is, am glad I took the extra effort with it.  Was tempted to use a razzle-dazzle thread for that spider then decided not to make it too offensive since PGD#1 deoesn't care for them to begin with.

This project only me took four plus years to get done and it all started when PGD#1's teacher gave her the laminated poem when she left first grade.  That's when my WHIMM started then luckily found the panel several years ago so it turned it into a PIG at that time and then there- that -little -pig -sat.
PGD#3 loves the way the dragonfly is quilted with that glow in the dark lime thread.  Am happy about that!
This completion also strikes a ufo off my Q1 FAL challenge list for 2016, Yippee Skippee!

Thank you so much Heidi for this incentive to push this little PIG to the finish, Kim for challenging us beyond our normal and the incentives offered.  For your entertainment, check out finish up January check in blog post and see all the wondrous eye candy other quilters have managed to complete in January.
Another plus is that a little over a yard of fabric has been used!  Finally movement for the stash report in the using direction for next week.  


Heidi said...

Yay! This is adorable! So many extra touches. Congrats on your finish!

Quilt n Queen said...

Congratulations, great quilting and a sweet finish! I'm usually posting at the last minute too. Enjoy your week!

Beverly C. Stigge said...

Fantastic - 4 years and minutes of excitement and follow through. That is a quilters love - to do the best, no matter how long it takes!

Quilter Kathy said...

Such a fun project!
"Creative license"... absolutely!

Needled Mom said...

That is fabulous. I love how you have quilted the additions into it. Very sweet!

Anonymous said...

What a great use of those fabrics! We used that panel, too, but not this creatively. =)