Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March's OMG project

With a 2 for 2 record for 2016 with the OMG challenge organized by Heidi from Red Letter Quilts, so far I have another lil' monster on my want to do list and which I have continued to procrastinate with so think it should be produced.  What is it you say?

It's March's Patchabilities that I've wanted to get done for the past couple of years!  I really should be embarrassed about it not but will forth wit publicly declare that it shall be done this month!  I really mean it this time.

I borrowed this photo from the Patch Abilities blog 2014, but this is what mine will look like too.  I believe I have the shamrocks wire holder too that came with the kit, but can't find my pattern now.  Will be on the search for that next.

Still away from blogging and am writing this on the 7th of February, but will return shortly.   Hubby and I are on a little quest.

TTFN, Jane


Maker Joy said...

What a sweet quilt. Here's to 3 for 3 coming soon!

Good luck to you and your husband on your quest.

LA Paylor said...

that's just so cute! I love it! But I do love a seasonal quilt.