Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Daffodil Run Done!

Note to self:  I used a 28 count soft sage Monaco  I had in stock and stitched
2 strands with the called for DMC threads:  839, 961, 3051, 3053, 3350,
3853, 3854 and any backstitching done was with only 1 strand.
(Since I'll be selling some of my used charts on ebay - I thought to note the colors used here.)
CCS from Just Nan's design "Daffodil Run" is fully stitched and framed.  Yee HAW!

This was listed as Number 3 on my Q-2 2016  list and now it's one more completion I've reached.
Am I on a roll or what!  Sorry, didn't mean to get so excited but it does fill me with JOY!

Note to self.......While framing this I found out it was easier to "echo" stitch 8 threads beyond the stitched design to center it squarely so it would sit squarely in the frame.  The design was asymmetrical and it continuously seemed to be off until I did that step and then it worked like a charm!

This little floral frame is one that PGD#1 and I selected when we were doing my errands.


Doing my Spring Happy Dance that this is setting on a table in the living room when my own Daffodils start to Bloom.  
Okay, now I'm bragging just a tad. Sorry, but no, not really, I am just too happy not to!  Another one bites the dust!

Seems like my normal is that I am forever mentally listing all that needs my attention and I'm running helter-skelter like from one bit to the next while trying to keep all my plates spinning.  (Remember that guy on the Ed Sullivan show.)  Yep, that's me trying to keep the plates spinning and going along smoothly before they all fall and smash!  No wonder I'm breathless.

Kitchen door Forsythia wreath 2015- Notice the hanging birdhouse?
It's one  that the youngest grandson,
Brody painted during one of our crafting sessions last year.
The other bird houses sit on the front window sill.
Front door forsythia wreath made last year

Yes SPRING, we're ready.

PS: My sister in law is doing better.  She's now upgraded and moved to a regular room.  She's lost so much weight and vitality but know that her treatment is the right plan.  Thanks for your well wishes and prayers,   they are appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I REALLY like the frame around the bunny piece. Just perfect.

Amy said...

Daffodil Run is adorable! The 'echo' stitching to help with framing is a great idea.

Lovely wreaths too!

Melinda said...

Love your bunny piece The daffodil pin is so cute. Thanks so much for the tip on the centering.

Elfie said...

I really enjoyed my visit to your blog. Interesting and informative.

ANGIE said...

So cute smalls! Happy stitching!

Michele Stravato said...

Love the stitching and the frame is perfect for it!