Monday, May 2, 2016

Music themed community quilt top finished

Got this cut out and sewn while away at a quilt retreat in April.  Even the binding is all set for whomever picks it up to do the next stages at the Wings Fall Quilters Guild in Glens Falls.

My commitment to this is done.  This was number 1 on my -2 2016 list.

One down, many more to go......

The pattern was one that called for 3- 1 yard pieces of fabric.
Choosing the swirly darker music themed fabric as the focal point and my plan of making it into those bar blocks to further endorse the music theme worked out perfectly.  

Now if I were finishing this puppy, I'd even use those bits of leftover gold I'm including in this package to do a piped trim before the darker printed binding that's all set to finish it off.  But that is now somebody else's monkey and somebody else's circus.  lol

It came to my attention that I wasn't naming and doing the OMG projects and linking them up correctly. That a project needs to be stated, shared and linked in at the beginning of the month and then by the end of the month, it needs to be totally and completely finished.  I only listed what I hoped to get done... be it make a quilt top or the next larger step within whichever projects.  Am so glad that they let me know as nicely as they did.  How embarrassing that it seemed like I was cheating,  I wasn't and it wasn't my intention,  but truly it's my Bad for not following the rules!
So this won't be getting shared with the April OMG even though in my book it's another success for my YTD tally as my part is totally done!

OMG Tally for me is 3 out of 4 YTD.


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