Sunday, March 1, 2009

Embarassingly, I have enough!

What that well known adage: "THE CAMERA DOESN'T LIE".
Well it is with a very red face that I'll be posting pictures of my sewing room and the overflow that has happened because of my passion with needle work. Knowing I have enough or even too much and I need to get a handle on it.

So here it is...............MY SEWING ROOM:

The view as I walk into my sewing domain is the first photo and the view of the wall that is to my back while I sew is the second photo, of course I opened up the cabinet doors so you knew they weren't sitting there empty(wicked grin here):

These next 2 photos are of the view of the wall I face while sewing. The first picture is the cabinet that sets near my design wall. This holds my whites to black colored fabics, as well as Halloween and the Thirty's Reproduction fabrics. The second photo is a view of the center of the room where 2 more of fabric cabinets are. The center cabinet holds my greens to purples and also includes batiks. The far right cabinet is for my yellows to reds, besides novelty and childrens' fabrics. Further on the right (not pictured) of that wall, are 2 corner-windows which is where a shorter cabinet stands that holds the TV, DVD, C/D, cassette player.

These final 2 pictures show my design wall area near my fabric storage cabinets, both top and bottom.

It is a wreck! It's hard for me, who used to be a very detail specific and organized admit that this mess is mine and mine alone.

So that is my story and I'm sticking to it!
No, I'm truly posting these pictures to keep me real!
It seems that whenever my interest is peaked in whichever subject, I fall for it big time. Well, I've made this mess so I will be cleaning it up. Since it didn't happen overnight, I know it will take me a while to fix it. Now mind you, there are some more pictures of my messes, but I thought there is only so much a person can stand... so I plan on showing the before and after photo's when I get to them. That will help me continue to stay focused and to not relapse into my old self. Time will tell.

Got to run, I'm planning on working on the woven star table runner this evening. Stay Well.


14 comments: said...

I also just completed a "get real" exercise regarding my UFOs(90+). Totally out of control - stashed here & there as I sew in a closet with limited space. I spent a week or so organizing them and making a list of next steps for each. Now that I'm done I feel good about getting some done.

So, I'm feeling your pain!!!

Bonnie said...

You can do this. Salami method is easiest. Slice the big clean up into little chunks. Maybe one day tackle one little section. When it is done reward yourself with time to sew on something special. You go girl! You can do it. (hum, seems to me I said my space needs a little straightening... so, maybe I too will salami my studio! Good luck.

Scrappy-Quilter said...

I think everyone gets to the point where they see how much stuff they have and that it is affecting the way they live and are able to get things done. My sewing area gets very messy at times and then I get busy and tackle it. UFOs/BOBs are another thing though. I have a goal listed on my blog for 2009 to reduce these by halfish.I would love to complete them all this year but I have so many ideas and other projects I want to do this year too. I have been committed to using soley from my stash for the past two years. I even piece the backings of my quilts. I can't tell I have made a dent it in yet. Don't let it overwhelm you - do 30 minutes of cleaning at a time. Sewing awhile and then do some more. Make sewing your reward and you will be amazed at how much you can get done in just 30 minutes segments. That is how I am doing my sorting and organizing and it is manageable that way.
Sorry this is so long ;o)

2ne said...

You have an amazing sewing room and space to organice your stuff. Have a kreative day

JudyL said...

I think we may be twins! I could sew in that room. Too much neatness just doesn't work for me. Looks like you have everything you need to make (complete) lots of projects! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Joyce said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. I am going to post mine later to Judy's site. I started organizing my fabric January 1, and then got side tracked, so I still have six shelving units to do. Good Luck, don't let it overwhelm you. My husband tells me everytime he walks into my sewing area "Have you lost your mind?" "No one can use all this fabic". Wouldn't it be great to prove him wrong?

Michele said...

I'm kind of loving your room. Can I come play? We'll organize on breaks!

Trish said...

I like that you showed everything. I have alot of my stash in various rooms and "stashed" around, I think that I will take pictures of all the spots so that I can have an honest account and to make myself accountable for what a have.

Donna said...

You put my stash to shame. Maybe when it grows up it can be a real stash.

Check out the Flylady website for ideas on how to tidy your sewing room by working on it a few minutes a day

Good Luck!

swooze said...

I am intigued by that piece to the left of that last pic. It is pink and has brown strips in it. Pattern? What is it? Looks interesting.

Erin said...

Holy cow! One day, I hope my stash has half as much stuff. :)

whimzeestitches said...

What a treasure hunt one could have in your space Jane. I like watching those organizing shows on HGTV and TLC - they always have some great tips about something and the one I like best is to sort things into bins like "to use now", "to use soon", "to give away", "to share"

Have fun!

Scrapspj said...

Wow! A kindred Spirit!

Peg said...

It's my first visit to your blog and I love your honesty girl. My sewing room only has a small walkway simply because there is to much stash in there + the ironing. I ran out of cupboard space so bought the large storage boxes, they're now full and I still have some in bags, these boxes are on the landing and in our bedroom which isn't good. I also have my cross stitch projects and stash in there too. I NEED to get it all organised ASAP. I'm hoping all your blogs will inspire me, either that or give me the kick up the backside I need o)
Thanks for sharing

Peg xx