Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Day and it's May

Seems so nice to be having better weather lately. Now I need to try to focus on some of the outdoor chores that need attending to after such a long cold and dark winter.
I actually threw a fit yesterday with DH and listed all the items around here that have been neglected way too long. I guess, with just finishing the stitching on my "Big Girl Panties" I was taking myself literally. Since my back injury so many things have gotten away from me and out of my control. I've watched 7 of my fruit trees killed off, by accident of course, but also watched my flower gardens get mowed over because the weeds became unmanageable but most recently, March to be exact, when 2 ornamental shrubs were cut down. I had planted them near the pathway around the pool to reduce the speeds children might want to take in that section, DH and PGS#2 cut them down while I was at a quilting retreat with friends. Upon returning DH stated that the "hand-me up hot tub" would go there.
So when I found out, I asked him simply, "Does it work?" He's not sure. So, I strongly suggested that before any other things were destroyed, to just level it off where it was placed when it was moved here, see if it worked correctly, especially without any leaks, if we would even use it, etc... and then next year if not later this year, we could incorporate it into the pool area aesthetically.
Besides these frustrations, the house hasn't been washed in 5-6 years despite giving him a power washer 8 years ago(he did let me know that he washed a section of the back of the house and a section of the garage last fall), the cars, the windows and screens, finish organizing the garage and also incorporating a winch system so I might be able to put away and take down my bicycle myself, the river bank that we cut trees down last fall so we could fix a dock for the kayak and canoe access to the river, the overflow from the well where we tried to do our own waterfall and pond before I was hurt (2+ years ago). You get the idea, Way too many things need attention and that is just SOME the outside areas needing help. I won't depress you over all the attention that the inside needs as well.

Oh well, How do you eat an Elephant?
That's right, one bite at a time. Breathe, Janie Breathe.

So I have lately set a timer for 15 minutes and tackle a small job. One drawer, One shelf, one little hot spot that is distracting me and literally yelling, Heh! "I need some attention." Progress is the way to completion but with taking a little step at a time and not trying to tackle the whole job at once. That is physically too straining to do for either DH or myself. This idea of moderation is something DH still hasn't accepted, since his heart condition and with an EF of 25, I know that he is tired more often than not. He has passed a milestone of having this condition for over 5 years now and we are both very grateful.

So with all that being said, I just signed on to make a 9 patch a day, besides the other items I'm trying to take care off. From the Blog of Crazy Mom Quilts ,she is planning on hosting a quilt along for any one wanting to join. I think I'll use some of the charm squares in my stash for the nine patches. You need a total of 9 - 2.5" squares per block and the block size is 6.5" unfinished so will finish at 6" of course. The final quilt size is about 66" x 90". I plan on making mine with the technique some friends and I coined "HUMPJUMPERS". That way I can make sure I get to sew a little every day on other pending projects while making my 9-patch . A win win!

Yardage requirements:

For the blocks you will need a total of 3.25 yards of various prints. (That includes 70 nine patch blocks and the scrappy border.)

For the sashing you will need about 3.5 yards of white fabric.
Also, be sure to go to the Magnolia Bay Quilts Blog,. She is having a giveaway and offering her lastest book that was printed by That Patchwork Place. I have not looked at this book YET, but I do love to have books as a reference. Besides browsing the book have the possibility of using up scraps, hummmm, sounds like another win, win situation.

Happy Stitching.


Golden Years Gal said...

Hurrah for the women!!! I know about that "coming up for air" too. This spring is seeing some unkept areas of our home and yard. We desperately need some major landscaping in the back yard and 4 french doors replaced thanks to the weed eater throwing rocks into the double panes. Ahhhhhh, Spring.
I love the idea of the 15 minute timer. Seems like I should take heed and do the same thing. This ole hand is really hurting today.
You take it easy with the back and I with the hand and we'll make it okay!

Elaine Adair said...

I totally agree with a sensible method of eating an elephant. My own is similar - list even the simplist of to-do jobs, and usually when I do one of them, I'll be inspired to do the next, etc. "Don't wait to be inspired to do something, DO SOMETHING and you will be inspired." 8-))

Oh, show photos of all those UFOs - we all LOVE to see them! 8-)))