Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tada! My First Biscornu.

Finished another project to stay up with my one a month challenge. My first Biscornu is totally done. I had finished the stitching and assembling of it with fabric I found and bought at the LQS.(A legal buy on my no buy challenge because it was a backing and it was to finish a project.) Yea! But then it sat around while I contemplated how to finish it. Bead all around the upper edge, ruche a ribbon, beads with ribbon entwined, beads dangled on the corners,.....

So I finally pulled it out last night to finish it. Started playing around with the beads and ribbons that were on hand to see what it wanted to become. Hummmm, it wanted some beaded fringe in the center of the top with a coordinating tiny button sewed on the bottom.

It is a Marie-Anne Rethoret-Melin design of Spring in the Garden Biscornu. I adapted the colors to suit a more late summertime feel and it's stitched on an Aida 14 ct. The DMC colors used were:611,349,3346,704,550,350,862,915,4200,and 4210. Easy pattern and a very nice design.

This will be a gift for my Mom. She has chartreuse, burgandy and grey in her main living areas in Florida and I think this will complement her decor without being too matchy, if you know what I mean. The second photo is to exhibit some of the beads I used for the tassel-fringed ornamentation on the top. 3 different beads were used, a 4mm chatreuse swarvorski crystal, burgandy triangle beads and a coral seed bead. A variety of "stringed" fringe was made but they all ended the same with the chartreuse and a burgandy bead as the anchor to hold the rest in place. I like it and I hope she does too. I actually feel like I'm in grade school again with giving my mommy my first project. Corny or what!

Another project I finished today is the Pumpkin from French COuntry IV. This was done with DMC#4130, stitched 2/2 on a 28 count linen that I tea dyed. I really couldn't stand the yellow background I posted previously, so I ripped it out. I'll repurpose that cloth with one other pattern I've had kicking around.

DH and I brought PGD#1 to a Flynn Theatre Production of Click, Clack Moo,to reward her for her No pacifier stage she is now in. Yippee! She was told when she turned 4 that she would be too old for a pacifier and viola. Her birthday came and now, no more pacifiers. Yippee! We are so proud, so of course when we found out the production of one of her favorite books was playing we did all we could to get tickets. While shopping in Vt today afterwards I was able to snatch up 3 frames, (black, brown and white) that are all 8"x8" square that were 3 for $9.00, what a sale. The only thing left so I can finish the pumpkin is to have the framers cut a mat to showcase it in the frame.

I just love it when I get things done. With being able to complete so many projects this year, I think this is an all time record for me.


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