Saturday, November 14, 2009

Got them framed!

Finished these stitcheries awhile ago and had to order the mats. The Michael's store that I ordered them at sends the orders away and it took a couple of weeks to get it back. I picked the mats up Thursday while in town for a class and finally got to it today.

The first is Autumn Spots put out by Trilogy. Had trouble finding an appropriate "leaf" bead /button, but found this one while shopping with daughter in Burlington. Not quite what I had in mind but it's the best I could find. The picture on the right is the Pumpkkin by JBW that was written about in this post. Love it- 2 more totally finished!

A close friend stopped by to visit and brought a few gifties to celebrate my latest Birthday. Thanks Gina, I absolutely love them. The 2 pumpkins are textured and the burgandy panels complements my living room colors. She had won a raffle with a container full of items.

Alot of these items came from that besides a couple extra that she and her husband selected knowing my interests. Notice that yarn and the Nantucket style basket. Perfect! I do enjoy decorating the house for the different seasons, but even more so now with the grandchildren.
Check out the Pandora bracelet that DD and PGD#1 and PGS#3 gave me. I cried. It was very touching and the charms are perfect. A Granddaughter, grandson and an ORANGE charm (PGD's favorite color, PGS#3 is too little yet to have a favorite).

My Mom did an appliqued angel block and wasn't satisfied with the face she drew on it so was going to ditch it. Luckily, she offered it to me and I thought it would be perfect doll blanket for PGD#1. Since orange is her favorite color, I bought that color binding to make a blanket edge on the little qultlet. I mentioned this project on a previous post and started the orange embroidery someone recently suggested while discussing it at the edging class I took with Diane Shink. Here's a photo of what Mom did with the selected binding.

This will be my next "focus" project in my UFO conumdrum. LOL

Happy Stitching,

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MToth said...

Really like the pumkin in the frame. You will have to teach me embroidery some day soon.

- Michelle