Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What I'm Working ON.....

This little tidbit is currently on my sewing table. I finished an embroidery in the Spring of 2008, and it's been hanging on my design wall since, even repositioning it when needed. I found some inspiration today while looking at it and here's a sneak peek.

There is no pattern for what I want to accomplish, so I'm trying to plan it out ahead of time that way I'll hopefully eliminate any errors. Wish me luck.
I love having finishes and proceeding on my quilty and needleworks but I'm at a loss to explain ultimately why I keep setting them aside. Years ago I know it was because I was taking too many classes, that I wouldn't have time to finish one project and then I'd be jumping into the next project wholeheartedly. So after that realization, I have been able to slow down in classthat taking, almost to a screeching halt.
Another attempt was going as far as bringing scraps to quite a few classes so I could learn the technique but not have another project started. As soon as the class was over I would literally throw it away, since I learned what I wanted and it really was only a scrap fabric or would file it in with the paper work for a reference if needed. Quilting has been a process not only of my creativity but also has shown me glimpses of my authentic self. Sometimes that has not the best picture, but even then I am grateful for what I am and have been learning and the many friendships made along the way. Love the journey.

This is a current picture of the design wall in my sewing studio. A sight that has not changed in over a year and I'm sick of looking at it like that's time for a change! Stay tuned and I'll show you shortly what I have done.

While ebaying recently, I was fortunate to win a few treasures for my want to do someday stuff in CXS. Maybe I'm switching my spending to that now instead of fabrics and quilting. I hope not. Usually these patterns run for $8.00 or more each. Of Course, I bought them recycled so no where near that price. Now to start kitting them up until they can be stitched. I like to package them with the appropriate fabric and thread so they are ready to go at any moments notice, yet at the same time, I only want one or two going at a time.

Most of the family got together since we celebrated another Birthday today. DH made a great carrot cake (not from a box). Half decorated with a cream cheese frosting and the other with an orange rum glaze. YUMMO! Both wonderful and not exactly what I've been eating lately. But it's a celebration and I thoroughly enjoyed all parts of it. Enjoy your day, I'm enjoying mine.


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