Monday, January 11, 2010

Long Lines no more, Yippee!

Happy Dancing It's done. Check it out. The long lines side quilted with black thread.

The scrappy reversible side where I used my 1" x 4.5" logs I had used as a humpjumper into making a 4.5" square block, then did a weave style layout on point for the table runner. Also, if ric rac is not sewn just right it will turn up and curl after being washed, so I did stitch down in a center line by machine but then I hand stitched each point to the cloth to keep it down. What a bugger of a job that was. Quite often that bright yellow thread would show on the reverse side so I'd have to rippit and redo. But I am happy with my results.

Showing the details of the ric rac side with the quilting loopy loops that was used. Superior varigated thread that was a dream to work with was used for the scrappy side with a solid black thread(not Pictured) on the other. Another technique that I wanted to try and I was able to do it on this runner was Sharon Schamber's binding technique. I had already sewn the binding onto the runner, but to finish it after rolling it over the edge to handstitch, I used her glue technique that was video taped on You tube. It was a little bit messy for me since my fingers kept getting into the glue while trying to turn the edge over, but I finally did get the hang of it and then only had to hand stitch it down without any pins or clips getting tangled with the thread. I know many people that use a machine stitch to get their project finished, but I do enjoy the rhythm of the needle. I just have to take my time with the numbness and pain in my fingers and hands. Now it's Tout fini!

So my first finish for 2010, Long lines/happy scrappy table runner that took a long time in my book. Making this reversible without a pattern was tricky and took me quite awhile. With trying to think through each step, foresee any difficulties and getting everything aligned just right in the construction phase besides figuring out how best to proceed is my only excuse on the length of time it took. But, I am pleased with my process and completion.

Happy Stitching,

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Lori in South Dakota said...

I KNEW I had read about the Kashmir fabrics somewhere! I have a magazine that features a very simple quilt done with them. sigh I was not near your sale! And if you're gonna be a queen, you might as well live it up! I am a very irreverent monarch, which makes it MORE fun!