Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Look what came in the mail

Megg Jack from Artnomadix participated in the One World One Heart blogging event and selected my name as the winner of her giveaway. The package contained some lovely post cards of Northern North South Wales, Australia that she lives in besides this painting she did of her landscape.

She is a very talented artist and the details in this painting of Magic Wollumbin(Wolumbin), aka: Mt. Warning Caldera are amazing. The colors in it are gorgeous and my photo of it just doesn't do it justice. Here's another attempt at trying to get a better picture of it:

I love it so much. She wrote that she lives next to the large tree pictured. Imagine the history and stories from where she lives. Mystic Lake and Mount Warning both sound so exotic. She also makes and sells on etsy some very colorful hats and hand dyed shirts. Some with emu or tree silhouettes besides loads of color. So if you are interested, check them out.

Enjoy your day. Mine is wonderful with receiving this package from Australia and now my grand children will be visiting DH and me this afternoon. Our daughter has an appointment to see if she'll be able to get back to work after her surgery.

Here's a little peak of my current project.

I had wanted to get this finished in January, but I guess it's a good thing I didn't specify which year. Ah-hummm. Now, I need to get to the framers and select a frame worthy of Wollumbin. Thank you so much Megg, I really will cherish it.


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