Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's coming along.

Wasn't able to push through any WIPs or UFOs because of reorganizing. I have all the colored fabric that was in my stash cabinets all refolded with the 6" ruler method. But I think since I have "fluffed it" with the refolding it expanded! I still have all my white and ecrus yet to do. See the stack in the plastic tote.

While doing this, it's so much easier to see all of my fabrics. Since the shelves are deep enough for a stack of fat quarters besides the stacks of folded yardages I'll be able to conveniently move a stack of fabric to check out for colors or fabric in the next stack behind it. I had thought to order 6" x 24" pexiglass to wrap my bolts of fabric on, but for 6 pieces of this I was quoted a price of $75.00, that's more than I'm willing to spend for that. So I'll just make due with what is there. We were able to fit a shelf over my pattern storage boxes that way the fabric on bolts could be stored up above.

The 2 three drawer units that were placed next to my stash cabinets were intended to store my ongoing WIPs. Drawers are so much easier that totes stacked on top of each other. DUH! That way I could conveniently put away something and grab another project and try to stay neater while creating my "art". BUT with the fabric expansion, I'll now store my white's in the lower unit and the upper one has a drawer each for:

Bags - purse stuff,
charms and layer cakes and some kits
unique textures such as ironing fabric, old nylons, tulle, denim, silk, Ultrasuede, felt, you get the idea. There's not a lot of the latter but it's amazing how quickly it filled up. This is how it looks when facing my design wall. Nice clean line, I am feeling so proud.
Notice the 58 gallon tote (55Liter) in front of the design wall. This fabric still waiting for my attention. Not sure how much of it will fit in the drawer but any excess will be stored in a tote downstairs too. I won't mention how many toes DH has already carried down there. There really is too much, how did I let this happen. Boy has this been an eye opener for me.

See the stack of artbins storing the projects. It stacks nicely behind the sewing table. I have this towards the right back side, while on the far left side are UFOs of regular sewing projects. I should make the time and just sew them up. It is so much faster than a quilt and then it will be done.

The middle section on the back underside of the sewing table hides a couple of shoe shelves with shoe size totes of projects in kits and other wips besides my plethora of storage/plastic bags.

I was able to purge and reorganize the stabilizers,papers, plastic rolls and fusibles. What it looks like now:

Lastly, this shows the view as I sit in my chair. It's the lovely thread box DH gave me for Christmas about 15 years ago. I still adore it. Though I have too many threads to be contained in here and since I've restarted my obsession with cross stitch, I'm thinking I may reorganize my threads to be able to store my "specialty" threads in this box instead of different places still through out the house. The disadvantages of living in a small house, grrrr...
One great thing about this being placed here is I can also use it to step up to reach my stabilizers if needed. I don't want the top to be all scratched up though, it's still in pristine condition so I will probably continue to use the step stool. I do like things treated correctly.
Sorry for rambling on so. Can you tell I've been inspired and am loving this orderlyness that is becoming my sewing studio.



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MToth said...

Congrats on the re-organizing! It looks great. That's the most floor I have ever seen in your sewing room.