Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 Challenges, I'm going to sign up....

Yep, you heard that right, I'm going to sign up for Judy Laquidera's 12 quilt project challenge. Here's the link with what she presents.

The list of my projects in the sequential numbers of 1-12 are:

1 ~ Patience Corners ~ top finished 3/31/11
2 ~ Snow Much Fun ~ finished 2/28/11
3 ~ Stranger in the Woods
4 ~ Tater's Strip Quilt ~ April's challenge
5 ~ Orange Crush Quilt ~~ Finished October 2011 and entered in the quilt show
6 ~ Bird House Wallhanging ~ Finished 1/23/11
7 ~ Inunshuk Quiltlet  - 2012
8 ~ Santa Redwork Quilt ~
9 ~ Thimbleberry pattern ~
10 ~ Happy Villages ~ Finished 2/25/11 really sent to the circular file....
11 ~ Dick & Jane Quilt ~
12 ~ Vampire Quilt ~
13 ~ Patriotic Quiltlet ~
14 ~ Four Patch ~
15 ~ Grunge Kit ~
16 ~ Kaffe Quilt ~
17 ~ Paper Piece Pattern, (Robin or Cardinal) ~
18 ~ Patchabilities - Hot Air Balloons ~
19 ~ Patchabilities - Ball canning Jars ~ finished 2012
20 ~ Scalloped Edge Runner ~
21 ~ Patchabilitieis - Spring ~ finished 2012

The first twelve are what I'll pledge to finish in 2011. The additional listings are the additional projects that I'd like to clear up. This is for the quilting challenge. I also intend on participating with her stashbusting challenge for this coming year too. I'll come back to this page to edit my finishes as they occur. I noticed on with revisiting this page visit that I listed the Inunshuk twice (as number 7 and as number 18). I'll change the #18 to something else. Not yet sure what so I'll leave it open for a bit in case somehting else comes along and I just need to wort on that.

Now for the cross stitching challenge of listing and working on 15 projects for
2011, and where I first read about this one I'm not sure, but when I stumble across it, I'll post a link to it here. I just did a google search and found it was Minna.

 1 ~ Calico Crossroads, In stitches ~ finished Jan 2011
 2 ~ Just Nan, Daffodil Run ~ started March , 2013
 3 ~ Bent Creek, Santa's Reindeer ~ finished March 2013
 4 ~ Homespun Elegance, Snow Tired
 5 ~ The LOVE sampler (Bent Creek?)
 6 ~ Sheperd's Bush - Happy Thanksgiving
 7 ~ Little House Needleworks, Heart of America
 8 ~ Little House Needleworks, Simple Joys
 9 ~ Blackird Designs, Easter Parade, current wip
10 ~ Freebie of the net, Reindeer Sampler
11 ~ Bent Creek, The Red Thread
12 ~ Just Nan, Witch Way
13 ~ Biscornu, Irish or Cherry
14 ~ Primitive Betty, Valentine freebie
15 ~ La-D-Da, Briar Rabbit

For my personal knitting challenge I'd like to complete:

1 ~ DH's slippers
2 ~ Scarf - Crocheted 2 and knitted 2 2012 & 2013
3 ~ Hat

Our Christmas stockings were knitted by my Mom years ago and I want to learn how to knit them. My obstacles are foremost, they are socks, numerous color changes in the pattern and last, they are socks. Can you tell I am intimitated by SOCKS. But I want to work on these others in preparation to thinking of tackling the Christmas Stocking Socks.

As for my sewing, I won't list everything that is imprinted on my little ol mind. Okay, well just a few then.

1 ~ Grey Slacks
2 ~ DH Bathrobe
3 ~ PGD#1 Halloween pillow
4 ~ Snowman Pillow ~ Finished 2/28/11
5 ~ Pin Cushion with ORT bag - October 2012

Quite and undertaking but I really think I'll be able to push myself a bit to get these done. The only hang up I foresee is the amount of cross stitch to complete. To me, that is huge! SO without further ado, I remain saying

I think I can, I think I can, I know I can, I know I can....


PS: after signing up on Judy Laquidera's blog I noticed my sign-in number is 123. So I'm a thinking this challenge will be "easy as 123", (humming along with the old Michasel Jackson tune now).


Michele Bilyeu said...

Well, I love your challenge list, I super love your 1,2,3, and I love your attitude. You go, girl!!!

Micki said...

Wow, you are going to be quite busy!
Happy New Year!

Dionne said...

Wow, nice list! I'm in the 2011 UFO challenge along with you, but most of my projects hae a great deal of piece work left to do.
I'm looking forward to seeing your progress this year.

KathyE said...

You have quite the resolution list. Keep us posted with your progress. I could never get that much accomplished and still get on the computer, too. Have fun, and Happy New Year!