Friday, January 14, 2011

Club inductee

Our local schools offer programs for positive behavior and students by acts of kindness, responsible behavior and safety in mind are awarded slips. Every student has the opportunity to "win" some of these slips by their good behavior. I am so proud, PGD#1 was inducted in the program this past week. She earned enough slips to become an honor student.

We have a Canon Power shot A590IS camera and at these types of functions and events, it takes really crappy pictures. Of course it's not the photographer! These were the best her Dad was able to get. I would love to take a photography class sometime to learn more about cameras and photography, but it would interfere with my quilting and other commitments. I keep asking DH to learn, but with his condition he gets confused easily and fustrated so I guess it's up to me.

The ceremony was nicely done with a really cute set up. Notice the rope lighting highlighting the Red Carpet, it's for indoctronees to march up to receive their medals. Congratulations to PGD#!, I am so proud that I had to share.


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