Monday, January 17, 2011

Learned something

A while back I found this tutorial for a Faux Piped Binding at TLC Stitches. Making a note of it on my blog, I actually tried it out this past week and finished it this afternoon. Trisha's instructions and pictures were fantastic and very easy to follow (I wonder what model of camera she uses, her pictures are gorgeous.)

So what did I learn? That for me it didn't lay right when I pressed the seam allowance toward my piping (Black) fabric. It seemed to bunch up and didn't allow me to get the binding pressed in half correctly. Some areas the showed piping was thicker than others, not by a lot, but too much for me to live with.

Thinking about the binding for awhile, I finally
figured out that I needed to open the binding strip flat then press the seam allowance towards the binding side and really try out this technique. I was very tempted to revert back to my piped regular binding and hand sew the finished edge. I am so glad I experimented with this wall hanging, it worked. With my nerve and pain from my back injury, sometimes it's difficult for my fingers to work as dexterously as they used to. With this I found it a bit hard closing up the binding strip and mitering the corners correctly. So I'm thinking that this technique would be so worth it for a king size quilt! Because of my fingers' numbness and pain, while considering the fuss factor needed, it may be easier doing the older technique of sewing each piping and binding on separately much easier for smaller quilts.

8) "sew" glad that I've tried this technique! All I have left on UFO#6 is to hand stitch the mitered corners closed and stitch down the hanging sleeve on the back. Think I'll bring it theis week while I serve on Jury Duty. Ohh! I also have to use that art glitter stuff for the icicles when all the stitching is completely done, I'll post a photo of it when finished.



BRD Girl said...

Thanks for the turorial link, the photos, and your tips - I am going to try this for myself!


Carol said...

Thanks for sharing that faux piped binding technique. I have done something similar with prairie points, but never occurred to me to try it with binding. I hope to try it today, and I think this is going to be a new favorite for me!
ps- the colors of the wool (is that wool?) across the top of your blog are delicious!!!