Saturday, January 29, 2011

What is happening

Phew! I did finally get all that crap off the stitching for the little this and that pattern "Snow Much Fun" and I can honestly say it wasn't any fun! So tedious pulling off all those bits of flakes from the fabric. I know I'll never do that again!

Hopefully, I be able to get to that project this weekend. No grandchildren here today or planned for tomorrow, so I should be able to focus on something without interruptions.

Check out came in the mail recently. The first photo is the half yard fabric which Jamie from BabyBoomer Quilting Bee Blogspot kindly sent me. I am thinking of doing a cross stitch piece finished as a flat fold with this fabric a the "Key element" with the design. My Mom's significant other collects antiques keys and since he is going through so much medically (he just started dialysis without any forewarning), I thought a Valentine flat fold with a couple of his keys dangling off the top corner would be perfect for them.

Now only to get it stitched. I think I'll use a freebie pattern from the net. I have many printed out, so I'll post a photo here when it's finished. Thank you so much Jamie, YTB!

The other parcel which I received today is for the fabric and threads needed for the BBD (Blackbird Design) Easter Parade that I recently posted a picture of and want to do. I hope to get this one finished by the end of March. I did pull out the pattern to pull threads for the "Snip for a Queen" designed by Raise The Roof, but I don't have the Kreinik specialty fibers in for it. That one will have to wait, can't order another $50.00 worth this soon nd rationalize it. I need to finish some things first.

While maintaining my blog site, I realized that I have 48 UFOs or PIGS (projects in Grocery Sacks) listed. YIKES!!!!! That is very over ambitious list, but since I did get 4 projects done so far this month and it's still not over with, I plan on leaving it listed just as it is for now, but realistically thinking that with some of the more complex and denser CXS designs, quilts and such, there is no way I'll be able to complete them all. AND that's okay, progress is better than nothing at all.

While blog hopping I ran across a quote from Emsscrapbag.blogspot saying that creative Clutter is better than neat idleness and I totally concur with that.


PS: One last photo I wanted to share is from the UFO#6 challenge I finished, It shows the art glitter applied to the icicles and the snow laden roof. Boy did that stuff get all over.


XStitcher said...

The glitter is worth it though, it has really brought the project alive. Thank you for taking the time out to comment on my blog as well.
Cheers Dena

Jamie in Louisiana said...

You are so welcome Jane! I can't wait to see the project. My best to your mom's guy!

Scattered Threads said...

Love your UFO challenge and loved the way you captured it in the snow background.