Monday, February 14, 2011


There are no finished yet, but i am progressing on a couple of my projects. I actually got some quality stitching time in this past week for the BBD, Easter Parade. This is how it looks so far


A new project I started and am currently in the midst of is purging some of my magazines. You guessed it, no sewing on that table. I've purged about 25 mags and still have a couple of stacks to go as well as the magazine holder indexed paged from the last time I did this. I do save quilt patterns that appeal to me and techniques of how to do a specific technique besides templates for applique or quilt designs that I can see actually doing in my lifetime.

I guess a girl will do anything to postpone a UFO she dreads!

And what little sweetheart these Young cheerleaders were. They participated with a local school's cheerleading program. Of course that DGD#1 with a preschool friend. They were very eager and actually got into it and had fun. I am so glad that she wasn't a shrinking violet even though at age 5, I had expected her to be a bitof onoe. All the training of gymnastics, dance and schools are paying off. Even the routines she didn't know, she could follow along and learned them while on the floor, well enough to pull it off anyway.

The future is in very capable hands I think.



Sue said...

Jane, you have great progress going; looks lovely~! I'd love to see when it's complete! Good on ya for cleaning out. I need to do that, too...

Sue said...

You've made wonderful progress, it looks lovely! I'd love to see a pic when it's done.

Ranae said...

oh! I have this one kitted up, it's a darling design.
I came over from the yahoo BBD group.
I'll be back

Scattered Threads said...

Hello Jane. You are making some progress on your project. I don't know which little girl is your DGD, but they all look very charming:-). Aren't they just too cute as cheerleaders when they are that young?

Joy said...

Your Easter project looks wonderful! I have to admit that I giggled a bit when I saw your magazine piles...I do the same thing! LOL