Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A little something I've been wantin....

To Have.
                       To Do.

                                               To Get Done.

VOILA- a new pincushion with detachable ORT bag.

Of course it's also a tool holder that now sets right next to my sewing machine.   So easy to use now and convenient too.  Perfect!

 I found the tutorial for this at Sew Mama Sew which Elizabeth Hartman graciously shared with all.  I only adjusted the pattern just a bit. Specifically, the dimensions and how I assembled the tool holder, the  loop and the pincushion construction by layering the wool on top of my side pieces with an appliqued  top  stitch then catching the other set of parallel sides with a typical seam. 
 I also opted not to make the "loop" but used a hairband instead.  I sewed it just under the pincushion with zig zag stitching.  While doing this I reasoned that the metal clasp would hold up better and be easier to use, thus that section of the hairband is visible when the bag is off yet hidden when it's assembled and in use.
As for the tool holder, I wanted to have the upper pocket have just a  hint of contrast so it would be easier to see the opening.  Of course the stripe fabric I wanted to use  had the wrong orientation stripe  for the size needed so I assenbled that black print so it would be on the inside of my pocket allowing the rest to be the lime stripe.  Recognize any of the fabric?  Quite a few are from Malka  Dubrawsky's line "Stitch In Color" that I fell in love with adding some other pieces I had in.   The bright aqua is a Jenny Beyer and the fly print, I'm not sure but was one I just thought could be fun so grabbed a fat quarter while shopping at Stitched in Williston Vt..

Last spring instead of going to my usual quilting retreat, there were too many things going on at the time and the price was just too much to justify with the income, I decided to stay home.  Feeling so neglected and actually getting into a bit of a pout  I stopped by my Bernina Dealer (Stitched) while DH had his Cardiology appointment in Vermont.  I ordered a specialized foot and base plate to do needle punch on my Bernina 440.   The owner Jenn was more than happy to help me out and mailed the part she had to special order as soon as it came in.  It's been hanging around here just waiting for me to make time to try it out.

 I finally made time to play and it works beautifully.    What do you think? 
The E stands for either Eileen or Emerson, my first and last names.

Recently, I found this blog which has many  inspirations.  Quiltyworthy,  Bags and otherstuff, check it out if you have time.

I have another idea from a different tutorial I found.  Here's a peek of what I'll be fondling  using.   lol
Enjoy your day,  Jane


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Very cute (and useful!) finish, Jane :)

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