Saturday, October 6, 2012

Several finishes

The white board I purchased a week and a half ago is just the ticket needed IMHO! Since then I have accomplished 2 weeks worth of wishes (items written down)  completed in just a week's time.  Seems like it's the nudge I needed.  Who knew?  Of course Mom mentioned something about the fact that I may not have enough written in each day.   But I say, " Phooey",  as long as it's working and the promoter in this manner, it will stay as is!  lol

All four of those baby quilts are Done - Done!

Because  I wasn't overwhelmed or felt like I was is attributed to the fact that they were listed on that board.  Each section was listed in a manner like one day quilt a baby quilt #1, 2,3 or 4, then  the following day bind baby quilt #1,2,3 or 4, another day embroider 18" of thread onto another project I've had going for a bit then the following day quilt another baby quilt their number, etc.... breaking the tedium with other bits of projects that need the next step besides a small enough item that if I did get waylaid, (which seems to be a very common occurance around here) I had a chance of catching up in the next couple of days.   
Lil' man picked out this one for his nap time.

Whoop whoop!    I let PGS#3 select whichever one he liked and this is the one he preferred.  Excellent choice! 

Besides those four items there was another  finish that has been on my want to do someday list for a very long time.  The tutorial given by CJ  has been printed out since she first posted the directions, yes, it's been that long!    I've been trying to find her websight to link it and despite googling and trying different search engines for the past 20 minutes without success so I need to get to a football game this am.  I'll keep my eyes out for it and link it when I can reach it again.   Too many  other sights are infringing on her domain and I don't have time to filter through all those layers.   

It's a sewing machine cover that had a bit more to it than a cloth covering the machine with the piecing, piping,  quilting,  decorative stitches and trims added.  Of course since my Bernina 440 is very different dimensions than her Bernina 830 there were adaptions made with not too many areas of fudging needed due to the size differences and the machine embroidery being eliminated.  (I just couldn't drag out my enbroidery unit for the 170 to attempt this YET. )  As spoiled as I am, DH is even saying that my sewing room isn't large enough, but I am determined to make due.  I have enough.
So without further adieu ....

Check it out.

Cover for Bernina 44
Notice how it complements that pincushion/ort/tool bag from a week ago?

The top panel which was machine quilted.

The backside, oops sorry to show you a pic with my fleece dusting square in the underside of my sewing insert.
Seems like it gets so dusty in there! AND just over the top of the cover towards the left you can see where that white board lives in the room.

During it's construction, I used my Zipper foot #4 to place the piping on initially. Then when constructing the parts together, I used my #12 piping foot sewing just a hair's breath on the inside of my first stitching line.

Ahhh, Success! I do Love my Bernina feet!

What next's on the list you might ask......   here's a peak.

Namaste and joy be with you,


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