Sunday, November 18, 2012

Still here on the Big EZ

I'm progressing along nicely on the Big EZ.   I think I've gone through about 12 bobbins full of thread so far and seems like it's taking longer than it should for a twin size quilt.   The next time I'm quilting on the DSM, my plan is to actually count how many bobbins I use.  During break times I've been spending quality time on the computer and have run across even more quilts that I want to make.  Lord knows where they'll end up but I am really trying too stay focused on this quilt before I'll allow myself to jump to something else.  Boy, that AADD that I self diagnosed  is really adding trials  and of course a spark to my life while I doing my crafts.    LOL

I did pick up my JOY from the framers. While on the track of getting UFO's finished around here, I was able to bring two CXS (counted Cross Stitch) pieces to two different framers. This one, Michaels did on a frame I had in for it.    Initially I was going to frame it myself, then reality and being afraid of messing it up shook me into bringing quickly to Felicia at Michaels.

Joyful Summer, designed by Country Cottage Needleworks
stitched on 28 count white linen
with the called for threads 2/2

She did a nice job with centering the design.  I just wish I had changed to a non glare  glass.  No matter how many times this photo was taken, there was a glare and flash. 
Be it daylight, night time with indoor lamps on, or the camera flash, it continued to get the "flash on the glass" effect.  Talented, Aren't I?

This one was the best out of 5 shots!  You can click on it to get a larger view if you wish. I know my photography skills are lacking, but they will be getting better.  DH and I just went to an adult education class on photography and learned quite a few tips.  We only went for the first lass and the instructor, a local photographer and DJ said we could contact him at any time to ask additional questions.  It was a two night event initially with a week in between classes.  But because of Hurricane Sandy the first class had to be cancelled.  When it was scheduled, there was only 3 night break between classes and not enough time for us to play and practice what we learned in the first night.  Yippee!  Now I know how to turn off the camera  flash. 
The camera  we are using is a Canon Powershot A590IS and it's an 8 megapixal/4X Zoom  which we've had for years.  I can see a new camera coming into this household soon, very very soon.  First things first though, Christmas shopping and the kitchen remodel need to be completed and paid for first.   We also were able to check out that all of the Nikkon lenses we have from our old 35mm manual Nikkon  will fit the new Nikkon digital cameras.  Good to know!  That will save quite a bit of mula so I can use it elsewhere. 

I also was able to reorganize my beading stash recently.    It took about 12 hours (3 days)  to go through the copious amount of packages, little containers and organizers that were tucked away in several areas through out the home.    I consolidated, cleaned and laid out a plan how to get some of those UFOs completed while sorting. 
Part of the plan is to attend a beading class after Thanksgiving to continue doing the Ice Bracelet I started with a friend well over a year ago.   I am intimitated to continue making this on my own and need the encouragement of more saavy beaders so with this already paid for and scheduled I can see this finishing up too. 

While cleaning up this mess, I found a couple of kitted earrings that I wanted to make.  Staying true with the wish to finish more  projects I attempted the silver manipulations to make drops for pierced earring wires.  Eeeks!  E-gads...The result was too catywampus, so I tucked those in with the ICE Bracelet class parts and am hoping for  a refresher on that technique during that class too.  It's been ages since I've done any of that and it shows how rusty I am.

Besides that bit of kits I also ran across the 2 extra magnification lenses for the MagEyes I use for beading, CXS and even embroidery.   Another project is hatching in this evil brain of mine.... 

 BUT STOP, I say!   Finish the quilting on the BIG EZ first!
Stay Calm and Carry On,

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Carol said...

Your framed Joy looks very nice, Jane! Sorry about the glare from the glass... I don't use glass when I frame for that very reason. I suppose it wouldn't be too hard to remove?

Good luck on finishing up your quilting and have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family :)