Thursday, January 31, 2013

Get It Done....

All of the Get It Done tasks I listed to get done in January got Done!

Whoo Hooot!  

How I reported then done was to re-open the initial post and update the information there.  Here's the link where  all of that is listed.   Being so successful in January, Here's my list of Four for February.

  1. Quilt and Bind The Irish Table Runner from the In Your Own Words Blog Hop. Finished on the 16th.
  2. Make the  "All About Me"  project that I'm participating with.  It's another blog hop coming soon, an idea is fermenting now....This will be my NewFO for February.  Finished on the 26th, JUST UNDER THE DEADLINE.  It took me the longest time to really figure out how I wanted to use that cute pattern given by Amy Bradley.  Just love it now that's it's done and I'll see it daily. 
  3. Piece the backing for the Lone Star Quilt that's been a languishing UFO for several  years, I need to get this to a long armer.  I was thinking of trying to quilt it on my DSM but it's a rather large quilt and I have other projects I could work on while it's getting quilted. Hopefully I can get it done tomoorow, the 28th!
  4. Get another Lil' Miss Shabby Quilt block embroidered, besides keep up on the And Sew ON BOM, and my quilt guild's BOM offerings.  I don't want to fall behind, it's so much easier and fun to do when I keep up. Done, reported and shown on 2/6/13 
I know I'll progress , but how much?  Time will tell.



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