Friday, January 4, 2013

Labeled and more than you need to know

First Finish for 2013 is the Field of Flowers, previously known here as The Big Easy.    The name was picked due to having all of those flowers quilted into it and that large scale fabric that PGD#1  loved.  See the previous posts here if interested.   It is labeled and totally done DONE!


I did finish the edge with the blue piping and white binding and if it weren't snowing so badly here today, I'd take it outside to grab a nice photo of it.  Oh well,   I'm going to link it up with a lovely year of finishes which is in my plans for 2013!

Here is a snap from several weeks ago when I was pondering the edge finishes.  I'll share a new photo when the weather is better AND I can load a photo on blogspot. 

Grabbed a shot and sorry it's so BLURRRY with the binding done DONE!

There is a photo I snapped of the label showing it and the tools but I can't get it to load in blogspotComing back on 1/13/12 to add the photo.   Thankfully a friend came over and showed me a different way to upload my photo and it works.  The problem lies within Blogger's programming, not my PC!  Thank goodness but I hope Blogger gets it fixed correctly and soon.

I used a hot pink paintstick to get a more vibrant colored flower that was drawn freehand and also used my favorite pigma pens to add the details. This time I used all four of the colors shown, black, brown, green adn blue. After using the paintstick to draw out flower petals, I edged it with the brown pigma to add definition to the edges of it. Then I did a polka dot center to the flower first in the brown and then used the blue to draw a tiny circle around each polka dot. The stem and leaf were mainly green and then I used a bit of that brown to highlight the leaf's vein. Finishing with the written wording I wanted to included for my PGD#1.  

I am thrilled that I finished this quilt relatively quickly.  Yes for me 4 months is quick! 

Typically I dream about a project, shop around to do the project and then start, get waylaid, restart, get waylaid etc....and on,  so a year or two later  voila!  ahhh.... finally a sweet finish.  BUT not with this one.  I persevered and even when I wanted to jump onto a new project I stayed calm and quilted on.  lol    Now this is similiar to how I used to make my projects decades ago.  Even back in Junior highschool a girlfriend, Patti  and I would select a pattern and each choose our own fabrics then go home to  make our dresses that evening.  The next day we'd wear our masterpieces to school and start saving our money so we could do the same thing the next week or two.  We had many mutually shared interests band, chorus, all the same college prep classes, cheerleading, and  sewing, we were best friends.  We did that each week until she died in a tragic family  car accident.   Besides Patti, her father, and her 3 year old sister, Jeanne  were all fatal victims in the crash.  Her Mom and one sister (who became a paraplegic)  were hospitalized for weeks not even able to attend the funerals.  Another sister was hospitalized only a couple of days and the only immediate family member not involved in the crash was a sister who they had dropped off an hour before at a train station so she could go back to college.  I was devastated for quite awhile after that and  I value life even more since I know how quickly circumstances can change through no fault of your own.

After that I still was able to do my projects quickly even when my children were younger.   How I came to stall and really savor time spent on  my craft was after I was given 2 garbage bags full of fabric.  Yes given.  A woman I worked with had a friend from Montreal who was a children's clothes designer and she  had a bag  full of fabric looking for a home.  I jumped at the offer since I was making clothes for my children like coveralls, tunics, corduroy pants, nightgowns, bibs, etc... and was in my glory selecting a bit of this one for a contrasting yolk, or that bit of lace trim for a peter pan collar, this would be a cute pocket to contrast, etc. using up bits and pieces and all of it conveniently located in my basement.    (The only quilts I made back then were some from prequilted fabrics and I'd back them and bind the edges.)  That's when  my stash started and I used quite a bit of it and even shared some with another friend who was sewing for her children too.    I found out during this time in my life that me and basement sewing don't get along well together.  I need daylight and windows to be happy  while sewing.

After college and getting married I shifted gears due to full time work and a growing family.  Several moves later it seemed like I had no time for my crafts except I did continue with my needlepoint or knitting when I finally sat down in the evening.  The only sewing I did during this phase besides constructing my own clothes were making items for the home.  Curtains, roman shades, tablecloths, a canopy for my daughters bed even in her favorite Strawberry Shortcake theme and covers for appliances and computer screens were the typical projects until   ooopps!!!!  I did a Santa Wallhanging of Debbie Mumms pattern for DH's surprise Christmas gift and the quilt addiction restarted.  TG!

I do love quilting so.  But even then  with family responsibilities and working full time, I spent more time shopping and dreaming of quilting rather than making quilts so my stash grew and grew, I could almost say exponentially!  Since Mom and I shared this hobby, we'd go on shopping binges together having a blast.  But my intake was so much higher than my output and it even was again this past year.    I would justify it then saying better to buy it now as when I retire I won't have the same income so I am investing in my retirement.  lol  That really hits the nail on the head with the higher cost of cottons but if I am able to sew through my stash in my lifetime it will be amazing.  Do I want all of this to go to my local guild to have sister members be thrilled to get all this fabric or will they look at the piles in disdain and wonder why ever Jane purchased that fabric.  So with all this being said, I intend to track my fabric in and out again as Judy Laquidera has done in past years with her stast reports.  Staying honest with myself and you regardless of the totals.  At the end of 2012 I received several packages.  A stack of fat quarters from a year end sale and then about 95 yards of fabric from some other great clearance sales from severalvendors.  They were at great prices but 95 yards more of fabric than the other yardages I already purchased in 2012!    I didn't do well tracking this past year but it has to be around 180+ yards of fabric I brought in through the year with no where near that in yardage getting used and tallied going out.    mystash reports will be on Sundays' each week and I am starting at ZERO since the last yardage gained was ordered and received in 2012. 

I snapped a photo while working on the label besides a photo of it all stitched on but blogger won't allow me to upload from my computer!  Uurrgh! I really hate when these techy difficulties are hexing me, if anyone has a clue, I'd appereciate it.


Dee Dee said...

I love the Big Easy pattern, it is just perfect for large print fabrics, plus it goes together quickly and looks great.

Enjoyed reading about how your quilting addiction started.

Anonymous said...

Your quilt is wonderful. How great to be so far along - practically at the finish line!