Sunday, February 24, 2013

Didn't flip yet!

My numbers for the stash report #8 of 2013 have not been flipped to the red yet!   In fact it has slipped further into the dark side.

I was so hoping to go through some major fabric usage for this past week, but not yet.  Soon though I hope.   I do count it used when projects are totally done,  not just as a top or blohen I get to report it usually is in chunks of yards used. 

Yard sale items I picked up very economically  except for that purplish Shock Cotton on the left. 
Am thinking of trying Libby Lehman's ribbon  thread painting with that piece. 

Judy Laquidera of Patchwork times is the  leader and has a place to link these stash reports.  See how other quilters are using or gaining in their stashes.  Each has a different view of wanting to gain, use and all feeling the need to report those numbers, myself included!  So for this week I gained a bit more fabric in.  Yes,  I do have plans for it and will be sharing the gain. 

Stash In: 14 Yards 

Stash Out: 1/2 Yards

YTD In: 31.5 Yards
YTD Used/Out the Door: 17 yards
I already had in my stash that Aqua solid and the layer cake.  But was able to find those greens at 50% off for borders and backing of that green Minkee.  YUMM! 
That bright yellow felt  will be used this next week for something for the youngest grandchildren, I hope!

I'm able to count a half yard used for those potholders I finshed up this past week.   But with this most recent gain, I'm even slipping farther away to flipping my numbers towards the red.   Stay well and Enjoy!


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