Monday, April 1, 2013

March es past... now onto April Fools, 2013

Since it's the last day in March I'm summing up the list of four (plus extras)  that I listed at the beginning of the month.  Not great but not that bad either.

1-Stitch Me Up Project - DONE
2- Kindle Bag - Didn't even start, will be relisting this for April perhaps this is  a New FO whenever I start it.
3-Quilt Convergence Wall hanging - Started, the pieced center is quilted now that I figured out what it was calling for.  Have all the borders yet to quilt, then pipe, bind and label.  this too will be relisted in April.
4- A Little Something Jacket- Started and so close to being finished,  Hemming is all that is left.  This too will be relisted for April.
5- The Baby Quilt didn't even contemplate!

The apron and the 2 Superman capes that were finished  were on my list for May. Ah hummm... Can I say I'm ahead of schedule there!

Boy, can I ever fool myself!  Only one completely done out of the 5!  How foolhardy is that thinking that it wasn't so bad?  Progress was made on all but one and I did list five so I am content none the less.  Now onto my hopes for this month.

My four focuses  for April for the Getting It Done challenge are:

DONE  1: Finish the A little Something Jacket made from the tropical foliage rayon.
2: Kindle Bag designed and made.
3: Convergence wallhanging totally quilted.  Have a stalled and very cold engine for this baby.
4: Embroider another lil' Miss Shabby Block (that project has stalled since February but one more so close to being done).
5: Piping and binding for the Convergence.
DONE  6: Shake Your Pom Poms project, my date to share is the 29th.
It actually was one of the top two projects that day.
DONE  7: Batiks Quilt blocks made out of the 10 minute block pattern.  20 made.
8: Make another "A Little Something Jacket", perhaps the orange with the cream and black print. Reminds me of Butterflies.
9:  The "Straight grandbaby quilt", have the flowers appliqued onto center of the quilt, it'll be an original design but still a simple.
DONE  10: Pillow case(s)  made for PGD#1 to match her Field of Flowers quilt.  Perhaps this will be a nice sewing project to do with her this week since she's out of school.  Made 3.

NO, this list is not an April's Fools Joke, it really is my intention.  There are so many other items I could  and perhaps should have written but I'll limit myself to these.  If those others creep onto my sewing table and demand my attention well then, I'll be forced to comply and will add them at the end of April. 

What projects are on your horizon?  To see what many other bloggers are pledging, follow the link to Judy Laquidera's blog.

Sometimes I feel like such a slacker with many of my friends and my Mom, who is absolutely amazing shall I say. They all seem to get quilts done lickity split.  For example:  Like my  BFF Trudy, last week I stopped by to visit and enjoy a cup of tea and she had just started a baby quilt for an expected in May, great grandbaby, her first!  then BANG!   Saturday  she showed up at our little quilt group stitching the binding on.  Talk about gorgeous and quick!  She had even sent it out to be quilted!!!   Boy, I am not worthy.    Mom makes a quilt every month and gives it to Community service at her church and she doesn't make wimpy sized quilts either.  Those quilts are at least 50" x 68" and done with her scraps and yardage she's  pushing through.  Besides the other quilts and projects she completes each month is astonishing.  I really am not worthy.   Yet here I am, all smug in my feeble creative attempts and loving these little projects of mine.   

But my most important project is the time spent with my grandchildren.  Any  projects not completed are a small price to pay for the priviledge in holding them, playing a game, creating something and just  guiding their development that I am content.   It's such an honor and priviledge that I cherish  doing in this life and hopefully doing so with grace (my other intention).


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