Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stash Report #14, 2013

Good to report that 3 Yards were used out of the stash with the tropical, A little something Jacket finished.  
Can I get a Hoot whoot? 
Here's the stash report for this week.  Finally I'm adding it on Wednesday morning since I've been out straight all week since getting home.    
Stash In: 9 Yards
Stash Out: 3 Yards

YTD In: 47.75 Yards
YTD Used/Out the Door: 25.5 yards

That's a Net gain this year of 22.25 more yards into stash for this year.
Oh dear, I've slipped further away from ground zero and heading in that other direction Scottie!
Ohhh!  Did you see that 9 yards added?  MY LQS, Loose Threads had their anniversary event with some nice discounts.  The fabric line I've been lusting after, I finally purchased, thus the 9 yards added.   Another quilt is planned which I'll probably list for my May Get er done list and plan on using some background fabric that's been in my stash.  I'll have to strike while the iron is hot so to speak or while my muse is in overdrive.  lol
The retreat this  past weekend was just what I needed. Though the surroundings are rustic, all of our needs were met nicely and can I say that the price was right, but Qualilty time spent with my friend Trudy, Priceless!   
It was great reconnecting with friends that were made from last years' retreat too and the creativity amongst the women gathered there was amazing.  Even two different women offered little classes with how to do sessions, a total surprise and both were nicely done.  One shared how she did  quilt bindings totally by machine and the other showed us the construction of an arrowhead block  assembled via the Anita Grossman Sullivan technique.  Can I say that's the only way to make that block with all those biased template type units it contains.  Thanks you Mardy and Sandy!  (I still want to make a 9" sample block and send it to the woman who arranges this retreat for their community project quilt.) 
My focus was to work on a layer cake kit I bought last year to make a king size quilt, (pattern was not included so it was good that I had the book).  Not only did I successfully  snip the string holding it all together, but was able to assemble 19 blocks out of the 20 blocks. 
Here they are laid out on my bed  sans the upper left block. 
The 4 -10" squares included for that block didn't float with the focus diamond fabric  so I need to shop my stash or the LQS for a batik that could work better.   

It is rather plan and the size surely doesn't look like a king size!   SO here I go "Janing it" again.  Perhaps I'll make 6 more blocks that way it'll be a 5x5 grid layout.  So note to self, buy 3 dark and 3 light batiks.  
Then I took a breathe.
STOP this insanity!
Keep it as it's meant to be.
(See I can apply my own brakes.) LOL
With DH talking about getting a hospital bed, this darker woodsy themed quilt could be a great quilt for that purpose should it come to fruition.  It will also be the right look for the den where it'll be set up with the animal and brown/black theme in that room.  Perfect!
My stash won't work, so off to my LQS for a 12"  wof piece. 
Was able to cut and quilt the iron caddy together with the teflon fabric.  All that's left now is to get the handles on  and bind it.  Instead of having bulkier, sewn fabric strap handles, I just may use a soft black cording for the handles that way they won't be a hindrence while using it as an ironing pad and I think I have some in my ribbons and trims bin.   Perhaps I could focus on that this week.
Also managed to trace out the fusible steam a seam II pieces for two  patchabilities  wall hangings.   I'd like to do them both this year and it's nice to have this part done for whenever I start them, it'll be easy to slap those onto whichever scraps I use.
   My daughter is out of town on a work related conference in Denver, Co  so I'm helping out more with her children's schedules and needs. 
Enjoy your week,


Dar said...

Nice colors for your king-size quilt. It looks like an easy block that has lots of space for some show-off quilting designs.

Anonymous said...

I like your quilt! The diamond in the middle seems to glow. That's a great fabric. Thanks for your comment on my Road to Round Rock. =)