Sunday, April 21, 2013

Stash Report #16 of 2013

Nothing can be counted as used this past week despite sewing for 5 out of the seven days.    I was able to work on some of my April's Get 'er Done List like the lil' Miss Shabby block,  Cut out another Jacket to sew and planned the Pom pom project.  Think I'll be playing with that lattermost this afternoon.  Need to get that one done! 

This week's numbers are:

Stash In: 0 Yards
Stash Out: 0 Yards
YTD In: 47.75 Yards
YTD Used/Out the Door: 31.5 yards

That's a stash gain of 16.25 yards for this year
By month's end I plan to get this number close to 10 yards.    I am so ready to start showing more used and going out of stash than coming in, though I do have to admit I've been browsing and adding yardage to an online cart, but then just as quickly, closing out of the online shop with out buying.   
Phew!   Talk about some close calls!  
{Stay Strong Janie- "subliminal message to self"} 
If interested  to see how other quilter's are fairing, stop by Judy Laquidera's blog and check out those links.

Another area of interest is getting my home in order.  Am still trying to clean up bits around here when I can and participating in the Flylady 's techniques to accomplish more with smaller efforts.    Some days are good and others not so.  I really think my sewing studio is overwhelming me during my attempts to sew, causing mental and physical distractions and using too much of my energy just walking into that room. 
This past week, 1 week after coming home from the quilt retreat in fact, I found myself setting up my portable sewing machine on the dining room table like I used to sew when my children were younger and lived here.  Ahhhh, heaven!  No other projects making me  falter and  stretching me  into so many different directions. 
One project out and getting done to the next step.  
so  SIMPLE and sew SWEET!
  • Perhaps I have way too much stuff around my sewing area to be my most productive self. 
  • Perhaps I'll pack up various kits, pigs and projects and tote them downstairs so I have open space.  I want to be like Thelma of Cupcakes and Daisies Blog, and have a neat area to work my craft.  My Mom also rocks in this department though she'll have 5 projects all going on simultaneously.   Is that me saying I want to grow up to be like my Mom?!!!  Yes in this area, definitely YES!  She is an amazing woman, quilter and organizer besides having a zest for life with a can do anything attitude. 
Since I showed you many of my UFO's last week with the Parade of UFOs, should I share this room of mine as it is?    If you want to see it, I'll share otherwise it'll be another focus of mine to declutter and organize better.  Would you believe I have to move piles of stuff to open the doors of my fabric cabinets?  Talk about wasting energy that could  have been used  to sew instead.    Perhaps I'll use the fly lady technique of 15 minutes to start working on that while still keeping all my "other balls" juggled, hopefully without dropping any.   My exercise and food intake is doing better than I was so I want to continue succeeding in that area while also working on some other not so great areas that need improvement.    Wish me luck! 



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Anonymous said...

I wish you luck! At least no gain on this report. =) Is that a win?