Sunday, May 26, 2013

Stash Report #21, 2013

Just a touch of that Green will be used in June for another challenge I'm participating with "Tammy"!
and the other two were because I loved them.
So much has been going on STILL!  but I  am longing, hoping and aiming for quieter times.  I will just  catchup on my stash report today and let those other missed weeks' worth slide.  I will include all those numbers and compile them with this report.   

Stash In: 18.25 Yards
Stash Out: 0 Yards

YTD In: 72.50 Yards
YTD Used/Out the Door: 34.5 yards

That's a stash gain of 38 yards for this year.
Scottie, my thrusters are at capacity and they're in reverse for my stash usage!  
See how much better other bloggers are faring with their stash reports over at Judy's  blog.  Though I did have some bright spots by shopping while handling everything around here.  DH's surgery was a success, as was a medical test of mine, court handled well and the other appointments met with glad tidings.  For the calendar this week, we're catching our breath and will resume our more normal, typical routines.   We still don't know if we'll be heading to Boston for a pretransplant Cardiac workup for DH, we'll find that out in several weeks but we are ever hopeful that it'll be put off for several more years if needed at all with this most recent surgery this past  Thursday. 

Ahhhh..... peace!   Amongst all the traveling,  appointments, scheduled and non planned I was also on a quest to find 2 yards more of that Dimples Brown I need to finish the camper quilt,  I blogged about on the last post, What I found instead were some lovely fabrics that ended up coming home with me.  Many backgrounds while shopping with my Cousin Diane after our guild and a lunch, besides that new background from the Indian Summer line that's so unique, backing for the camper quilt, some lovely browns for the Charlotte Baskets (aka Bonnie Hunter class I attended on the 10th), a lovely eye-glasses fabric and the lime green from the Stitched in Color line both are fabrics that I adore, oh what a happy girl I am and one who managed all that was  thrown at her with just a bit of shopping.  lol    It is one of my coping skills did you know?  And one that I also need to control.  LOL 
Basket blocks done in a Bonnie Hunter workshop, May 2013
Adding to my background stash, I never seem to have enough lights!

But it could have been so much worse, there is a wicked deal on a Bernina 830 that I did walk past, though 4 years at zero financing made it hard.  But truth be known, I would rather have a true long arm machine, either a sit down one or a free arm one rather than a slightly bigger harped machine with all the bells and whistles  even though I do love my Berninas. 
Maybe someday I can find the right financing for a Millennium George or perhaps a Handiquilter 18 that will fit my budget and be just the right circumstances for me to purchase one.  Whenever that occurs I'll need to find the right space here to accommodate it
My cousin and I both bought this pattern and hers is done already! 
She gave it to her Mom for Mother's Day, Showoff!!  lol

That camper quilt top is put together and I'd like to get the borders on when I find that Hershey bar colored chocolate brown dimples.  Today is paperwork time so I'll spend some of the time to finish my quest for that dimples.  No local shops carry it and the one I initially bought it  at only had the rustier brown version on their shelves .  And that was in a 3 week time interval, not years which is usually so typical for me! 

I also kept in mind the next projects I'd like to focus on for my New FOs and list of four for June.  Some other fabrics were for the Cardinal Patchability besides buying  another 2 patterns that  I 'd like to do hopefully this year if not the next. 

A pin cushion for my SIL who provides us with
dozens of farm fresh eggs from her girls. 
Those feathers might by the Cat's meow for it too!


Border, background and print  fabric for this NewFO I'd like to do in June.
That border has a Frank Lloyd Wright style to it that appeals to me.
and I may have to place those Cardinals on a birch limb since that is where they perch here.
My sewing room is in disarray and am unsure whether to try to tame it down, or just throw it all in a super large tote so I can find some time to play on these 2 days off without grandchildren.    It's raining here and thank goodness too or I'd be out in the yard taking care of other chores. 
Enjoy your Sunday and the long Holiday weekend,
 and Thanks for stopping by. 

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