Monday, July 22, 2013

Much going on....

 Back from camping and a wonderful time was had. 
What a perfect sentiment!

This little pillow was my gift to Mom years ago when she was living her dream of having a Class A camper. When she and her boyfriend sold it, she gave the pillow back to me so I quickly put it on the Master bed in our camper.  

THE NILE, 1999

I pulled out this older quilt I made about 15 years ago to use since I didn't have the new camper quilt finished.  I really like how cozy it made you feel when you walked into the camper. The pattern is One Thousand Pyramids designed by Deb Tucker of NH using a 60 degree ruler and includes the leftover triangles trimmed into 1-1/2" squares to make that second border finishing in a row of 1" squares. 
I kept looking at it and saw that even at that time in my quilty life, I used the same fabric as either a dark or a light depending on the fabric neighboring it.  You can see where I placed them next to each other in the center bottom seam, pictured above, giving the illusion of a parallelogram in a medium rose fabric.  The only rule I kept was  for dark triangles to point up and the lighter triangles to point down.  It also was the time that I realized that I tended to stash fabric in the mediums and needed to extend my eye to lighter and much darker fabric choices. 
For the label, I did try a new to me technique and designed a perspective border surrounding a triangle.  Though it may be hard to see I drew lines from a center point radiating out past the triangle I wanted to use as the center and paper pieced it  successfully.   I just snapped this photo and it was 14 years ago when it was finished. 
 Thank goodness for the camper's Air Conditioning too, since with all the rain and heat, the humidity was kicking my Asthma's butt. But Ahhhh AC- what's not to love!
Camping was wonderful despite the weather.  It was great to walk and ride the bikes. 

 This scene depicts our little corner of Cumberland Bay Campsite for a whole week.  Our daughter's family had an adjoining campsite so the grandchildren loved playing at the beach, in the water and we were privileged to watch fire works  on three different nights besides gathering together for meals.  The second week we moved the screen tent more on our site since we had several different neighbors come and go after Thera and her family left.  Even PGS#2 (age 16) was coerced into staying with us for one of the nights since he promised his 4 yr old cousin that he would.  He also enjoyed the lake and we made even  more fond memories while he with his electronics stayed with us. 

I wasn't quick enough with the camera to capture his fall.  In the picture above you'll notice him laying on the ground after his fall.   So during another siesta shows this shot with him actually still in the hammock(of course with his iPhone.  lol 


All of us giggled like fools.

I enjoyed and willr emember fondly some key points during this camping trip.  One that comes readily to mind that I'll share is when I brought him to Blockbuster.  Since the weather was continuous rain that first week I brought him to blockbuster to pick out a couple of movies that he'd like to see besides something else for later in the week for his younger cousins.  While driving there his iPhone kept tweeting softly.  With me not being used to hearing this "tweet"  I was looking around to see who wanted my attention at each stop light with that whistle.  By the second set of street lights I finally realized it was his phone!  I fessed up about it and  Oh how we laughed at that too.    Another time he'd be eating a meal with us and call his grandfather sitting across the table from him who was completely oblivious.  DH kept answering his phone but never realized the culprit who kept calling was Joshua who was sitting across the table from him.  We laughed more and  more until he finally fessed up what was going.   We really had too since we were both in hysterics by this point.  Way Too Funny but I guess you had to be there . 

Concrete boardwalk just in front of our campsite and Plattsburgh, NY in the distance. 
When we returned home we only had a few domestic concerns.

First  was our hayfield, oops... I meant our lawn. lol  Our daughter and her spouse attempted to  mow it for us  2 days before our return but with their schedules between work and ball games with their children, they ended up starting to  mow it the night before we returned calling us at 9:15pm to know which gas can to use and they left, I kid you not, cornrows that you get when you rake a hayfield.  I'm sure the neighbors couldn't have been too thrilled about the noise that late either.  The grass was so high with all the rain we had that first week while away and then the subsequent heat and high temperatures during the 2nd week, that one cut wouldn't fix it and it looked absolutely horrendous!  I thought DH's heart would stop when he saw it, but to his credit I only heard a small gasp escape his lips. 
The second need happened just after our friend John disconnected our camper from his truck.  While we were having a beverage in the driveway and we heard a loud Ka-POW!!  All of us looked at each other and discerned that it came from the backyard, perhaps the pool area not a truck that just happened to be going by at the same time.  Going back to investigate we found that the pool heater was leaking from the front corner.  That can't be good I thought to myself.  Then came the smell of propane gas was apparant making it an even three concerns. 
That's when I started thinking, what came first the chicken or the egg?
Did the propane leak cause the heater to blow! Or did the heater blowing cause the propane leak?

After many phone calls to the respective companies we deal and dealt with it, reasoning the how and whys it actually was a knob turned off on one of the propane tanks that caused one tank to be at 120% capacity while the other tank was at 30% making the tanks blow off.  DH found the tank caps out in the lawn while mowing the next day  so we're not even sure when they started leaking.
The HAYWARD POOL HEATER was only 13 months old and though our pool season had  only 4 months of use, no warranties would cover that expense or replacement via where it was bought, IN THE SWIM or with Hayward Manufacturing directly.  I told the Representative at Hayward that I was not a happy camper though just in the previous two weeks I truly was.  It's thought that with all the rain we had, {can you say "ACID RAIN"}  it turned the water too acidic and that's what wore out the heating elements out inside causing a bad baffle or /and the heat exchange unit to blow then leak.  Major bummer and can you say ouch and ka-ching!  Thank goodness Lake Champlain Pools where we do our business, was so helpful.  Many water tests were done, chemicals added and they came out within 2 days to replace the heater but couldn't fully hook it up since when Amerigas came the day before for the leaks, locked the tanks and couldn't come until today so the heater can finally start doing it's job. 

Of course there are other items on our to do lists (Not to mention the mail, gardens, etc..... ) but we're content with all so far and we'll plug along.  I still have to  finish unpacking the camper and cleaning it  thoroughly and will continue to get it ready since my Mom will be back North next week and is staying at her little home away from home here then. 

It was so nice to get away and even nicer since while I was camping, I managed to finish off 2 more items from my UFO and project lists. 

First, that Ironing Caddy is totally done. 

Detail of button closure using 2 funky hair bands cut in half  for the elastic over the shank button.
Also the cording used for the handles instead of making cloth ones to eliminate any bulk while actually using it to iron hopefully.
I didn't care the way the fold piece went on the pattern so I did a different button and loop attachments.  Like how it looks and is unobtrusive with this fold.
Then my Kumihimo bracelet I started last month in a beading class I took with my good friend Trudy was also finished.    I attended another WRAP IT UP class this past Friday at Ali's Beads and was able to get 2 pair of earrings repaired  besides the 2 additional Kumihimo bracelets finished that I did the  beading/weaving on while camping. 
First Kumihimo using size 8 beads.

Second Kumihimo braided also size 8 but an assortment of finishes and colors.

Third Kumihimo with another assortment of beads also size 8.

Luckily Alison, the owner of the bead shop actually does the manipulating of finishing them for me.  With my neck and back issues my left hand dexterity is nil and when I try to finish it they look like a three year old got hold of some wire and had a great time though the finish is terrible.  With Alison so graciously finishing them, I love them all. 


Was also able to finish reading 2 books too!  The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs and September's Book Club choice of The Wild Girl by Jim Fergus.   I do so enjoy reading at night just before bed, it seems to reset my spirit.   Something about me is that  I love reading at night in bed but not as much in a chair.  Strange isn't it?  But I know what I like and more important what I don't.  And a couple of thimble hooks I bought awhile ago on clearance were a Gothic gold color so I wanted them to be shabbied up abit and not so glaring.  Now they are finished and put to good use in the sewing room.

That's all I have time to share for now, dinner must be attended. 

Salad, Skampi and perhaps a pistachio meringue with fresh fruit for dessert if I can manage.  DH has duties at the Fire Station tonight and has to be out of here by 6:30. 

Maybe I can make the time to sew on some of my quilt projects while he's gone!


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hiatus happening

Will be away for a couple of weeks since we're camping, left on the 2nd!!! 

gorgeous photo whose spource is unknown- pulled from the web

Enjoy your 4th America!! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Setting my July goals

1- Non-negotiable, Get the borders on the camp quilt.

2- Non-negotiable, Stitch another block from the lil' Miss Shabby, this block is one I drew and created, so far am very happy with it....

3-Non-negotiable, finish iron caddy- FINISHED!
4-Non-negotiable, Cut sashings and cornerstones for the 10 minute block top - DONE!

5-Non-negotiable, Finish a Little Something Jacket
6-Non-negotiable, Quilt borders for the Convergence wall hanging

7-Non-negotiable, Kindle Bag, yep still on this list, one of these days I'll be surprising you and myself too probably!  This is my New for JULY! Hopefully by following Barb at Cat Patches with her New FO protocall and stating this project for this months' New FO that  will assist me in getting ROUND TUIT!  I can only hope!!! lol
8-Magic Eyes Storage Bag
9-Finish KumihimoBracelet - FINISHED! Plus made two more!!

All three of these quilty projects photographed are to be in my guild quilt show in October, so they must all proceed without any more delays.   



to all my Nothern Friends!