Sunday, March 29, 2015

Slow stitching Sunday again and it's still winter here....

Oh how quickly the time flies around here.  Can't believe it's Sunday again and not too much to share of what I've been able to accomplish this past week.  I hope to get my motor revved again to get done what I hoped to for March in the next few days.

Linking up with Kathy Quilts again today.  Finished up my bottom section of the Lizzie Kate Winter Alphabet which I had listed to get done this month (patting myself on the back here for a realistic accomplished goal).  Next month I hope to complete this design.  Only the upper two rows of letters left.

I did change the color of the smoke rising out of the chimney.  The design called for the aqua color which I thought that it was too pronounced, so changed it to a softer grey, DMC#452.  Looks better, there but not there.

The grand children received a new to them Snow mobile and are lucky enough that there is still snow to ride on.   Good for them, but I surely wished this white stuff would go away until next December, I've had enough of it and the cold.  Can you see that bit of brown in the background, I am hopeful that a tinge of green will be there in a week.

Both of them take turns and are becoming allies with this toy instead of fighting with each other.  It's nice to see them growing up and taking responsibility with their stuff.  The pink helmet came with the sled and their Mom had a leftover helmet from her days of playing like that which goes nicely with the little man's outdoor gear.  A huge plus of not having to buy additional gear to outfit them safely.

They'll come in after an hour or two with such rosie cheeks and sparkles in their eyes.  Am so glad the electronics are being put down, another win in my book!

Enjoy your day!  Jane


Needled Mom said...

Your alphabet looks wonderful.

The kids look like they are having fun in spite of your prolonged winter. It is nice to see them outside instead of inside on the electronics.

Anonymous said...

Yay on reaching a goal! That looks amazing to me. And some snow fun, too. Well balanced life. =)

Carol said...

I'm going to stop complaining about the slow spring start after seeing that you still have snow, Jane! It sure looks like your grandchildren are having a ball, though :)

Love your LK piece and I thoroughly agree with you on the change in the smoke color...

Hope April brings you warmer skies and more green grass :)

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Your stitching is gorgeous.