Friday, March 13, 2015

Tree Bird Blog Hop is here!

Here's a line up of who will show their creations and on which days.  This will be great fun and my day to share is on the 17th.   If you right click on the Blog names, a pop up window will appear to get to that blog address.   Click on it the same day they are noted to share their projects and the tree bird post will be right there on top.

Know I'll be surprising not only you but myself too with what I show you since I am currently finishing up some blocks needed as the prep work for tomorrow's class and I still have that BOM for the guild to finish too.  But I swear it'll all get done if not by the skin of my teeth and having to stay up all night, but done they shall be.  
Did you know I work great under pressure, talk about being a procrastinator and trying to fit in just a few more things first!

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