Saturday, September 26, 2009

Show Your Stash

Back in March I took photos of my stash and sewing space. Little has changed since then. So far this year I have been able to complete 2 projects each month. Albeit some are small, BUT they are finishes none the less.
Judy Laquidera started this topic to see if by the end of 2010 any of our photos would be different. I hope that mine will. I still am plugging away and the only difference today than in March is the pile on my sewing table is actually higher. (Red face here) I'm posting some photos I took today. Just to be more current and to see the components of my sewing room that were not pictured before. I did not take more of the larger cabinets, since they all look just about the same as the above linked post.
This first photo is of the ironing station used while assembling blocks. (Notice all the totes with Labeled projects started and hoped to be finished. The one tote sticking out (toward the bottom left) is my current hump jumper, it has copious amounts of 1" by 4.5" strips. I'm assembling them into 8 strips wide then I'll spin wheel them into a four block unit.)

The closet with many WIPS, PIGs and UFOs all in totes and easy to find.

My sewing Table where I'm working on my last humpjumper, a Patience Corners layout.

Enjoy your day!


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