Thursday, December 24, 2009

Couch-Plop, Flip-Flop, House-Mop, Non-Stop

That's exactly how I've been feeling. It's almost Christmas and I am so behind compared to how set I usually am for the holiday. I have not written any Christmas Cards, The tree isn't up, no chocolates or cookies made. All I've been doing is running to the doctors or sleeping with a little shopping thrown in. When enough energy, trying to get my house back in order. Of course in flip flops since all who know me, know my love of the thong! I think I even still have a pair of fur lined flip flops, very essential in the really cold weather we've had recently.

I was able to get the fleece Christmas panel blankets done for all the grandchildren. While I was doing that, DH stepped up and wrapped the gifts. The eldest GS got all of his gifts on Monday when his Dad and Mom went to his school in Massachusetts to visit him and I did meet that deadline nicely.
Several groups of friends and I have met for our Christmas celebrations. It is nice to reconnect. For one group, we haven't all been able to meet since I'm not sure when. It really has been way too long. We actually celebrated 2 Christmas parties in one since, for some reason, it was cancelled last year, I really can't remember now just why.
Boy talk about receiving a mother load of goodies. Check it out.

Sweet! Literally, besides getting a plethora of cookies and edible goodies I received a couple of fabrics from Caryl Bryer-Fallerts line and some Paducah beads, . Friends go every year to AQS in Paducah. Years ago, I was able to clear my schedule AND have the finances to go with them. What a grand trip. So many quilty events going on all in one quaint town and shared with friends. Heaven! Maybe some day I'll be able to do that trip again. I truly loved it.
Here is a photo of one of my gifts I made for a friend for that party.
I saw several candle mats similiar to this on several blogs (sorry, I didn't note where and can't find it now) and I thought I'd customize one for her with her favorite color yellow, besides using some scraps from my basket which have memories between us. She also loves flamingos and I was able to find a beautiful umbrella from a local store this past spring which I thought that she'd love. She did.
Since it was 2 year's celebrations in one, my other friend's name which was for last year's exchange was a DVD from Nancy's Notions of apron making. I also made a reversible apron for her, one side with the 12 days of Christmas motifs, and the other, a custom red apron with a pocket saying Nancy's Creations out of redwork including a glazed cake on a footed cake plate that I colored with a gingerbread color for the cake and red on the cake plate scallops. So appropriate too since this friend is the "Diva of Desserts" in my book. Any gathering we have, she comes through with a luscious offering of her many talents. Such a gracious and handy friend.
Sorry, no photo of this one. I do have my drawings and can pull out a piece of the fabric I used. Perhaps after the holiday I'll edit this post and add it. Came back 1/3/10 and added this photo for a reference of what I did and used.

Going through the house taking pictures of some of my Christmas wall hangings I have up for the season. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I love gazing at them while walking by.

An Eileen Sullivan pattern I made years ago. I named it "Pizazzy Poinsettia" It's now a tradition to hang it to the left of the fireplace. Here's a close up showing some of the details. I used razzle dazzle thread via bobbin work to highlight the pot holding the poinsettias.

A wall hanging my flamingo-loving friend made for me years ago. Thanks Bev Bevie, I Love this and it hangs with pride every year.

This hanging I purchased at a show of some sort. Either a craft show or a quilt show. It hangs in my bedroom doorway and it goes nicely with my decor there. Sorry, there is no name on it to credit the work.

And last is this piece I made 15+ years ago. Despite quilting when newly married for baby quilts and duvet covers and such, I had put aside my quilt making for efforts towards making curtains, roman shades, clothes etc. Too busy with the children's sports, dance, school and my work to find time for quilting UNTIL.... I wanted to make this for DH.

He was into collecting Santas and while having lunch with a girlfriend from work, we went to a quilt shop that had this as a sample. Needless to say, I've been almost obsessed with quilting since. I wasn't sure about hanging it where I usually do since we had the kitchen painted but it doesn't clash too bad with the Orange. It's probably a good thing I had used black for the outer borders and it sets the red back from the edge a little. Lucky guess when constructing it 15+ years ago.

Well off to my treadmill before I can continue with my plans for today.
One day before the big guy comes around. I'll have to get the tree up and be ready.


Ohh, this last little gem is a product of 2 of the grandchildren and I.
Isn't that shiner just perfect. She got it at day care while playing flashlight tag during her Christmas party and the 13 year old GS didn't want to be included in the photo. You know 13 yr old boys, most times they are just way too cool.

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Nancy said...

I have had this Eileen Sullivan Poinsettia pattern for three years or maybe longer. A little scared to make it. Yours is beautiful.