Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What a difference with the 440

While finishing the Inukshuk quiltlet before I had tossed it into a UFO pile that is, can't remember now just why or how that happened, anyways I was able to start quilting on it  freehand with my Bernina 170.  I stopped just about 10 minutes into quilting it and found that I never packed away the thread that I used at the time so with working on this UFO, decided to use the BSR on my new to me Bernina 440. 

I used  the BSR mode 2  and absolutely love the results.  WOW!!! 
What a difference it made on the backside.  Now mind you, the front looked okay IMHO with my own free hand technique and the backs I always considered uh hummmm, cough sputter..................good enough. 
BUT after finishing the quilting with the BSR on the same project that I had started on my other machine, what a difference. 
There are no knots or little lumps of thread where it shows when I hesitated to go in another direction.  The back looks as good as the front.  It's too bad I finished this with the full sleeve on the back to slip it over the acrylic photo frame.   It would be nice to refer to it and show friends the difference.  But I know that  I wouldn't be able to display it like I want, so bury all that evidence I must.    Ahh another UFO bites the dust!  Yippee!!!!!!


I'll post a photo when I find wherever  I put my camera.

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