Friday, December 7, 2012

Sounds doable..

Barbara from Cat Patches has been hosting the New FO for the 2012 calendar year and 2013 will be hosting it again.  Sounds like it could be fun and instead of always working on my UFOs this coule be  the  excuse  incentive to start a new project.  lol  What can I say?   Sometimes the muse within me just wants to play!  So I'm linking up.  Check out her blog post here explaining how it works and the giveaways she offers monthly when you remember to link it back to her blog at the end of the month.  Hopefully I'll be able to remember that! 
Soon I'll add her widget to my side bar.  There are tutorials out there explaining how to do that.  I know Connie from Quilting by the River notoriety, shares many tutorials and information on saavy computer  tips besides quilting tips so I'll be checking that out shortly.

Another block for the lil' Miss Shabby is Done. 
 Et viola-
September's block:

Have you ever been in the middle of a project and then that ah haa! moment arrives?
Well it just happened to me while working on the September block. 

I started around  the 5th block of LMS construction  to do a floss toss.  Figuring out which color to put where especially with taking the neighboring block colors  into consideration.   I listed the DMC numbers on the printed out pattern  to make the  legend. 

When selecting my colors for this project initially,  I pulled out all the thread colors from 5 storage containers of DMC threads.  Placing these thread bobbins onto binder rings so it kept them all together and secure until I could use them. 

But while stitiching and removing some of the threads from the binder rings, it wasn't long before my thread bobbins turned to a mess.  Flipping bobbin over after bobbin to find the correct number written in for that part of each block. 

Then it struck, how about containing them neatly so they are easier to find. 
So I changed it to this.

Since I didn't have an empty storage container, I emptied the one that stored my DMC rayon threads and used that for organizing my "current project".  You can't see the label with the angle that this photo was shot, but it clearly says Rayon on the front edg of the cover.

I plan on purchasing another container so I'll have a container for the current project  I'm workin on  with my next Michaels coupon.
It is so much neater and easier!  Now why didn't I think of that sooner?

Yesterday, PGD#1 had to turn in her school project where she created  a gingerbread cookie.  The school handed out the pattern and a piece of  brown 11x17 construction paper.  Each student had to embellish their own cookie.  

First we hunted through my different boxes of trims and such so she selected the buttons and ric rac that she liked.  We came up with making a gingerbread girl and how it could be done.  She loves doing art and is patient about doing so. 

Here she is and what she did.

This was started at my house and was finished at hers.  Notice the rubberband eyebrows?  Too cute!  So this was painted, colored with crayons, colored pencils, and a magic marker, glued, glittered, as well as all the add ons of the cotton balls, buttons, ric rac trim and broken rubber bands.  I think she did great job for 2nd grade!   Well done Honey! 

DH and I had to travel to Albany for another Drs appointment mid week and thank goodness the weather was cooperative.   Because of that, we had a couple of days off with the grandchildren/preschool agenda that is the normal around here.    Thankfully we were able to finish up the Christmas shopping while we were downstate.  Ahh, that feels good.  The only bad part  is that with me doing all the driving, I'm in pain and rather useless for a couple of days after straining my back and arms driving.    I knew it would happen, but it was necessary so I will cope. 

Getting off this computer now to get some things done around here. 

Enjoy your day,


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