Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stash Report 3 of 2013

Judy Laquidera from Patchwork times has been hosting this link up for several years allowing each of us to  acknowledge the fabrics in our stash on a weekly basis.    My numbers are essentially the same but I hope it'll be different next week.

Stash In:           0 Yards
Stash Out:        0 Yards
YTD In:           .50 Yards
YTD Used:   13.5 yards

Net change is  13 yards out the door!

If you are interested check out Judy's blog to have links available showing what other quilters are up to.
Imagine my surprise this week when I received my Keepsake Quilting catalog.  On page 24 here in my catalog yet on page 32 there is a kit for Field Greens available that shows  a horse in the picture and it looks so similiar, don't you think? 
What a happy surprise.  If you are interested I share how I did mine on the 1/14/13 blog post and you can see a date stamp on some of my photos even, so there is no copyright issues  on my behalf and I know there aren't any on theirs either since it couldn't be edited and printed out so quickly.  Just a happy coincidence if not synchronistic.

Now mind you, I didn't calculate any of that yardage out yet or use any pattern.  I just knew the sew and flip method and figured out my own dimensions.    While posting about that Irish Runner for the "In Your Own Words Hop", I even mentioned how easy a whole quilt made in this method would be and how yummy and gorgeous it could be. 
Even the title with field greens is so similiar to the title my first finish for 2013, Field of Flowers!   There is no visual likeness for that one and yes I did use that pattern The Big Easy, loved it's construction. 

I hope to get my runner quilted and bound today.  My schedule changed for today and the read and beading group I belonged to seems to have fizzled out.  So that Viking Knit bracelet I listed in my list of four to get done this month  may go on next months list of four.  I'm  going to visit my Mom in Florida through the end of the month and we'll be running the roads , going to her quilt show in The Villages and enjoying the warmer climate.    Ahh.... sunshine and above 50 degrees, I can take that right now with these plummeting temperatures below zero recently.

Stay Warm,


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Anonymous said...

Great minds run in the same circles? =) I don't have my Keepsake catalog yet, but I'll be sure to check it out when it comes. I really like yours, though. Keep on using that fabric, you're doing great so far!