Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stash Report 7 of 2013

Judy Laquidera of Patchwork times is our fearless leader in looking at our stashes in this manner.  Thanks Judy, it adds a whole new perspective to my craft of quilting and keeps it real. 

Stash In: 0 Yards

Stash Out: 1.5 Yards

YTD In: 17.5 Yards

YTD Used/Out the Door: 17.0 yards
I'm able to count one and a half yards used up this past week with several little finishes!  That means my numbers are ever so close that they may actually flip to the dark side by next week.  Yahoo!   Even better yet is that the runner was in my Get R Done challenge for February! 
The celtic table runner is totally finished.  You've seen it probably a thousand times already, but I just have to show another picture of it but this time in a different layout and light.   Sorry, still no glamour shots of it.
As you can see I quilted a generic stipple in the green field area, leaving the pinwheels be, so they'd expand away from the surface.  I did start quilting around the phrase on each end section, but it detracted from the look I wanted so a lot of ripping out had to happen so I could bind it.
Wonder clips are just beautiful to work with.  Didn't seem to have a thread tangle going on with these like I did with the hair clips I used to use. 
I highly endorse them!
All done now and it's just what I want, perfect!

Also I was able to finish up the four makeovered pot holders yesterday.  Here they are.
I quilted around each motif through the top and the well worn terry cloth scrotched older parts I recycled.  After using a black heavy duck cloth for the back (binding too) I machine quilted those parts together using the lines of the different colored squares surrounding the peppers.  Then attached the binding by sewing it to the back, turning it over the edge and then topstitching the binding with my hem stitch foot #10 close to the edge.  Remember how nasty they looked before.  BIG DIFFERENCE!
This could also be a New FO for the February's challenge cheerleaded by Barb.
I have one or perhaps two more pot holders that I'd like to make today before those fabrics  all get put away.  I used to hate putting my fabric away after a project.  That's why I always sewed in a room that looked like it was hit by a twister.  Now, I love putting them away in an orderly fashion.  Letting them sit there politely on the shelves just waiting patiently for me to play with them another day.   I think the reason they behave so well now is perhaps because I've sent some of their family to CHARM SCHOOL and they've witnessed this. Mwahhh, haha! (Inserting evil laugh here.)  But let me tell you, if any of them are unmangeable, off to charm school they will go!
All in all, only a net gain of 1/2 a yard YTD.  "Not bad" if I do say so myself.


Kate said...

Love your table runner and your pot holders. Congrats on being almost back in the black.

Dee Dee said...

Went back through your posts to see your Irish table runner - it is great. Thanks for sharing the idea about repurposing pot holders.