Saturday, March 23, 2013

60 shades finished and stash report #12 of 2013

DH is turning 60 next month and with all the hoopla of 50 shades of Grey from last year (which BTW - I'm still trying to finish for finishing's sake! I'm on the third book now, read 10 pages and I'm snoozing, how boring is this story line!!)  Anyways, since DH cooks so well and enjoys doing his creations, I thought a BBQ apron was in order.  SO I ordered 1 yard of a beer mugs fabric and then shopped my stash until I found a coordinating match and it was  a fabric with shades of grey that went well enough with those mugs of beer. 

I used a leftover panel from last years chili pepper apron then added 2 additional pockets to help him
carry his favorite  beverage of choice,  Budweiser!
Next a little hair band loops were added to keep the meat thermometer from falling too deeply into the pocket.
Close up detail:

For the beer mug side, it's rather simple and plain.   

But it does have another hair band loop for the meat thermometer on the upper right part. 

This reversible apron was made without a pattern and I used  an apron gifted to me from the Doctor I worked for many years ago as a guide.    Simple quilted vertical and diagonal stitches  with a leftover piece of fleece used  for the batting. 

Wonderful to say that 3 yards of fabric were used.  Finally my stash report moved.   Happy too that my February New FO is completely done.   (Yes, I gave it to him early since that is him modeling it.)

Initially I had imagined on the 6o Shades of Grey side to have embroidered phrases on 2 pockets saying something like:
Whip It,   Beat it!!!   
Eat It!   Love IT!!! 
But immediately knew my imp  was carrying too far away from my mused comfort side. 
But the little imp in me kept imagine other sayings. 
Kill It, Grill It!!
Since he used to hunt, fish and the other outdoor sports he loved to do before his health problems. 

Saturday we enjoyed another presentation of the Adirondack Skating Clubs, SNOW WHITE.   PGD#1 posed with Snow White who was wonderful as well as a friend's daughter who skated as one of the seven dwarves.  She was great with her newly skill double or it could have been a triple axel.  It was a wonderful show and one I enjoy every year.  PGS#3 wouldn't pose.
Off this afternoon to see Anything Goes for there afternoon showing.  Chazy Music Theatre always does a bang up job of producing musicals and this is another event I enjoy annually.  I'll get tomorrow to post the photos. 


PS:  This weeks stash report #12 of 2013 al least shows some usage! 

Stash In: 0 Yards 
Stash Out: 3 Yards
YTD In: 38.75 Yards
YTD Used/Out the Door: 20.5 yards

That's a Net gain of 18.25 more yards into stash for this year.  Feeling better now that it's under 20!  LOL
Enjoy your 1st weekend of Spring.

(came back to edit and add the photos on the 28th.)

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