Thursday, June 6, 2013

Two done so far this Month and gardens..

It's seems really difficult for me to make up titles for these postings and sometimes seems like the simplest phrase works best.  But I'd be interested in how you would title this post.  Any and all ideas are welcome, just leave a comment with your suggestion or if you think this is good enough.

Anywhoo, I was able to get 2 items off my get it done for June list.   The first is the Tea Wallet. 

I used the free pattern available from Free Spirit called Break Buddy and only changed the placement of the upper folded piece to rest higher when the wallet is closed and am very happy with the results. 
That being said though, if I did make another one, I think two skinny  flaps sewn into the top edge to cover the opened pockets would be a huge plus since the tea bags I use do not come in their own foiled pouch. 

There are four pockets and about 8 of my regular tea bags fit nicely or 6  of my regular bags and these 3 ice tea mixers, NICE!  I've had this project on my horizon since I went to quilt camp back in April.  It was so easy and quick!   Note to self, this will make a great little gift so I should make several up and have them ready when someone needs a pick me up or I need a little personalized gift. 

Finally I re found the site where the pattern is, it can be found here it's no longer available at Free Spirit but at the designer's blog,, Melissa Peda.

The other finish is another Lil' Miss Shabby BOM that I started I'm not even sure when!   Perhaps it was February while I was still visiting my Mom in Florida perhaps.  This one is so longggggg overdue.   (Notice the whine!)  Now I only have 2   more blocks to go then I can start cutting into the fat quarters I've had in for this and do some assembling. 

I finally was up yesterday after another bout with a viral /sinus/ stress overload.  I went for help and the Doc placed me on antibiotics and this bug knocked me off my feet for 2 days.  I slept around the clock and slept most of the next day too.  It's good to be feeling better again.  So yesterday I actually had the energy to stroll around the yard taking some photos of the landscape before the predicted rains came. 

Glad I did.  Here's a gander:


Taken from the side.


Taken from the front of the house. 
See how they are cascading over the landscaping curbs.

Here's what those same bushes looked like on Sunday, 
just getting ready to show their colors.

Lucky for me I had the camera ready when our pool guys showed up. :)

DH and PGS#3 getting the pool ready for the season.


This one is so easy on the eyes and what a worker.
PGS#3, age 4
Pool actually doesn't look too bad for surviving an Adirondack Winter. 

See what I mean, look at that concentration. 
In the back yard the snowball bush is looking the best it has since well for evah!  Every year those schaeffer beetles forage anything white and I think they think this bush is an all you can eat buffet planted just for them.


Nice to see it in it's glory this year and those deep fuchsia rhododendrons.  I hope all the forecasted rain doesn't damage them like they did the dark pink tree peonies. 

The little pink Rhodes that are in front and on the side of the house are gone and just the skeletal remains are evident, thanks to the last week of rain we had that beat them and all the blooms off the flowering crab tree out front.   

How they look now, versus how they were on the 18th of May.


 There are also some white Rhodes I planted on the path to the river, but they are nowhere near blooming yet.   I share more garden pics at another time.  It is looking so pleasant outside with all our efforts but there are several more areas that need some TLC whenever I find the time that is.

Now it's time to get this house back under control.  Anytime I am down, I swear this place just implodes without my care.  Now however does that happen?  lol   As if I wasn't aware.  At least when I am up, people are more conscientious of the messes and clutter. 

One last bit I'd like to share is about Martingale has a link which shares 52 tips and tutorials.   Help yourself to check it out and earmark it for your own convenience.  A lot of good information is freely shared.  

TTFN and Good Night,


Carol said...

Hope you're feeling better by now, Jane--I do think stress has a huge effect on our health.

Coming up with titles is hard--sometimes things just pop out at me and other times I just title them "This and That," "Random Thoughts," etc.

Your gardens looks so pretty as does your tea wallet and little embroidered piece! Enjoy that pool now!!

Barbara said...

Lots of eye candy here. Thanks for linking up.