Tuesday, December 29, 2009

History Made in our region.

It has been closed for a couple of months. When we visited the region for the Samuel De Champlain Celebration the re dedication of the lighthouse frieze, it was open to only one lane of traffic. Shortly thereafter it was deemed unrepairable and unsafe so it was closed. Much to the inconvenience of many in the area that rely on it for their livelihood. Here is a photo of it while it is having it's last breaths and still serving.

And this is what it looked like shortly after 10:00 am yesterday.

This photo was taken by Lohr McKinstry and was on the front page of the Press Republican this morning. Yesterday, December 28, 2009, the Champlain Bridge at Crown Point was demolished.
Normally, I love to attend and witness events like this. I feel it's my responsibility and it's a pleasure to witness things of this nature, but with the storm warnings in our area and traffic advisory out, safety won out and I stayed home with PGD#1 who is only 4 years old and figured we'd watch the live broadcast on the local networks and stay safe.

So, I thank you Crown Point Bridge for all of your years of service. For humanity and myself. IMHO - It's too bad you were not cared for as you should have been so you could be around much longer than your short lived 80 years. Remember that adage a stitch in time saves nine......


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Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Oh I saw this on sad! Beautiful bridge gone! Sounds like a lot of people are going to be inconvenienced for quite some time.