Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year end summarization

Am trying to list these on 11/7/14 to recap what 2013 were finished in my creative process.

1- Lone Star Quilt finished just enough for a quilt show but really wasn't- ;(  I learned my lesson x3!
2-Camper Bird quilt finished just enough for a quilt show but really wasn't- ;( I learned my lesson x3!
3- Forty Diamond quilt finished just enough for a quilt show but really wasn't- ;( I learned my lesson x3!
4-Appliqued I'm a bit biased Jopurnal
5- Beading a Kumihimo Bracelet softer green with Magatama irridescent glass beads
6- Beading- a Kumihimo Black with bits of Gold Bracelet
7- Beading a Kumihimo Bracelet with bright blues/blacks and purples
8- Beading a Kumihimo Bracelet with a red/violet mix
9- Beading a Matte Blue Kumihimo Bracelet
10- Beading a serpentine Bracelet with purples and greens
11- Embroidery, Designed and Sewn - Stitch Me Up Blog Hop, Gardening Organizer
12- Knitting - Lime Basket weave dishrag
13- Patchabilities - Ball Jar with Coneflowers
14- Quilt - Twin Field of Flowers for PGD#1
15- Quilted & Embroidered - It's All About Me Blog Hop, Irish Table Runner
16- Iron pad/Caddy
17- Quilting - Pom Pom Cheerleader Pillow Sham
18- Sewing - 2 Happy Birthday table toppers
19- Sewing 2 Superman capes
20- Sewing - 2 sided 60 shades of Grey and Beer Apron21- Sewing - 3 pillow cases to match Field of Flowers quilt   
22- Sewing - A Little Something Jacket w/Tropical leaves
23- CXS - BOO Balsam Pillow w/pompom fringe  
24- CXS - Santa's Reindeer
25- CXS - Trick or Treat (witch's boots)
26- Embroidery, Designed and Sewn - Stitch Me Up Blog Hop, Gardening Organizer
27- Knitting- Lace Mug Rug
28- Sewing the Medicine Tote bag
29- Sewing- 4 Pot Holders
30-Sewing Tea Bag Wallet
31- Sewing The Tammy Bag for a sewing necessaire
Now to clean up my blog page with 2014 projects completed.  I love seeing all that was accomplished in a year.


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wishing you plenty of Christmas Sparkle!

I just wanted to pop in to wish you a very Merry Christmas!
Thanks so much for reading and leaving encouraging comments on my blog during the past year.
Thank you for keeping me company, I appreciate it very, very much!
Time spent with friends and family.... priceless.
Age 5  and receiving the switch and Go dino.
Looks like Mema/Meme and Papa/Popi did just fine with the gifting. 

Age 8 and getting her McKenna Doll she's been wanting.
Age 20 and doing well.  Great to see him just before the Holidays for his drumming routine.


Wishing you Joy, Peace and much Love.
PS:  (We never were able ot catch PGS#2 on film, he's a sly


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Winter solstice 2013


Usually there seems to be magic in the air at this time of year. 

An Ice Storm blessed our region with plenty of beautiful sights.    It just takes a moment to notice. 


While all of that was being created,
this is how I spent my time, attending to a few cards I want to get out while enjoying a lovely spot of tea..

Still much to get done.  I know , but I think my inner child wants to go for a car ride and see what else is visable in our neighborhood. 
Today is glorious!
Just look at those magnificent sentries guarding our path to the river.
My photos are not doing this scene justice, that sunshine is making all the ice coverings just sparkle and look magical!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

New FO's for 2014, here I come. also am sharing my ongoing UFO's too.

Barb from Cat Patches is hosting and challenging us for next year's New FO Challenge.  It's a way to get to those projects that you want to make but haven't even started yet.  With her enticement, several of my PIGs are done and have been gladly shared here and during their seasons throughout my home.  Thanks Barb, I owe you!

So with that shared, here's a line up of some of my New FO's I want to make for 2014 and they are in no particular order.

New FOs 2014
  1. Make a kindle Bag- (am thinking of using linens for this and YES this was on last year's list but didn't even get to selecting fabric to the start it stage yet !)
  2. A bag to store the "magic eyes" and their lenses safely and all together. (Ditto, about this was in last year's too!)
  3. Patchabilities- the cardinals. (Ditto)
  4. Frankenstein Wall quilt (another Ditto)
  5. Baby quilt for a friend's first grand daughter. (it's for Peggy's new girl coming sometime this year 2014)
  6. Counted cross stitch piece "Take Joy in the Journey"
  7. Valentine kitted wallhanging.
  8. Knit one hat.
  9. Scrap quilt, (am thinking of making it tree themed or using the PB&J Moda charmpacks I have in).
  10. Patchabilities- the Coneflower in the boot.
  11. Patchabilities- Butterfly house.
  12. Queen plus size quilt using the fall themed fabrics, my own concept and pattern- I want this one to be a WOWzer with an appliqued center motif.
  13. Make a knitting needle organizer case.
  14. Two more Pillowcases made for Camp Takumteh (Camp for children with Cancer- an annual drive).
  15. Fourth of July pillow covering for one of my couch cushions by July.
  16. Make 9 book earrings for Christmas 2014 book club gifts.
  17. Start a Modern looking quilt perhaps the jelly roll in with that textured grungy black scratch background.
  18. Make another purse or BAG.
If I need more New FO's or want to change the above list, then these are also wishes and want to start someday items.
  1. Wildwood twin quilt, bought as a kit from Stephanie Brandenburg, gorgeous browns and a lovely tree in it.
  2. String queen size quilt in the mauves,golds, greens and browns- perhaps do as a humpjumper style.
  3. Amish sampler kit.
  4. Urban Grunge quilt kitted.
  5. Stephanie Brandenburg fabrics for a floral wall hanging.
  6. Start cross stitching The Red Thread.....
  7. Make book ornaments for book club.
  8. Start the Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Mystery quilt in burgandy, pinks, yellows and black?
  9. Counted cross stitch another Shephard's Bush scissor fob
  10. Knit another dish rag to learn more about stitching, would love to make a shawl sometime.
  11. Urban Couture basic Grey that's all kitted up and I want to start sometime.  Just wondering with all this listing..... Do they make a 29 month year?   
I have many more that I could list here (July 4th stars, Yellow star BOM, Amish Sampler BOM, some beaded items and bracelets, dishrags, wolf/fox  quilt for PGS#1, etc, etc. etc...  - but I'll stop now before I go into overwhelm which seems to happen so often and so much easier lately.  AND Since I'm writing this in a list format I also figured that I'd list my UFO's as well, in no particular order here are many of them but not all.  They are:

UFOs 2014

The first three listed were in the quilt show unfinished and they need completing, I only quilted enough to let them hang without too much shame but will never do that to myself ever again, How embarassing!
  1. Finish quilting Tweet Camping Quilt (Am trying to make a template for diamonds on pont in the sashed areas, any hints would be so welcome.)
  2. Finish quilting the 40 diamonds Quilt- hopefully by Ground Hog's Day since that's our 40th anniversary.
  3. More quilting on the Adirondack Star Quilt (aka: the lone star of greens, burgandy and pink)
  4. Assemble the 12 Redwork Santas blocks already embroidered into a top and perhaps finish by Christmas 2014 am waiting til my muse tells me how this needs to be done.
  5. Embroider the last 3 Lil' Miss Shabby blocks yet to be done, maybe concentrate on one per month.
  6. Make the quilt top of the four patch "humpjumper" quilt.   All of the block units are done but need to assemble then applique the borders on, thinking of machine applique for this part.
  7. Make the pumpkin pillow PGD#1 colored two years ago now.  Inserting Bad Grandma statement here!
  8. Cross stitch Santa with reindeer needs finishing - perhaps I can even get to this for 2013 since it's rather small.
  9. Wool pincushion making of peach with aqua on moss green background.
  10. Stranger in the woods wallhanging UFO since ??  years!
  11. Bonnie Turner's Chocolate baskets in Strawberries -N- cream, I started this in May 2013 and love it so far.
  12. Fourth of July wallhanging an art quilt, we'll see.
  13. Pillow to match the Bird song quilt that was made 5 years ago, was started in a Joan Ford class the spring of 2013.
  14. BOM from the guild's BOM program that uses the purple, blue and green fabrics
  15. BOM from the guild's BOM from 2 years ago using the pinks, yellows and oranges.
  16. Jacket from Just Another jacket? in the butterfly toned fabric- it was started this summer and I don't care for how it's hanging or feels.  I was adapting the pattern to fit better with a buit of fabric shortage and it's a bit off, need to decide if it's worth finishing or should it be reclaimed and made into something else.
  17. I have several beaded items I could list here too but will just share whatever I accomplish when I do.
  18. Finish the Scaredy Sheep counted cross stitch fob.
  19. Mater quilt needs the top made and then finished, comunity project?
  20. Not to mention the Baltimore Album I started over a decade ago but am realistic that this will not be attempted yet.
  21. Which brings me to one I'd love to re-start some year, the Jenny Beyers' Moonglow.  I have one star block made and want to get to the rest.  Who knows, maybe 2015 could be the year for that.  Just saying.
That's 50 projects mentioned all total and if I divide that into 365 days in the year I figure I need to push out one project every seven and one third days.  IMPOSSIBLE!  Do I dare?  Even that, I figure if I get two done a month which seems to be my normal, than I am a happy girl and will gladly relist many of these for 2015.  Sly ain't I?

Other UFO's now that I'm a thinkin' about them are the Pineapple wallhanging, Bar Harbour vacation picture, another landscape quilt, the BOM wreath blocks I  think I need to get an excell spreadsheet out to help me remember where all these are and what step I'm on for each but will leave that task for another day.

So are you going to join in Barb's challenge allowing yourself to play with thsoe new ideas and pigs you couldn't resist?  You know what they say, the more the merrier. 
Come on, I dare ya! 
Okay,  make that a double dog dare ya!!!
Enjoy your day,

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy 81st Birthday!!!

Wishing my Mom a wonderful Birthday!  Mom, You rock and I love you so much.  Many times through our travels I always feel so blessed to be your daughter.  You are an amazing women, friend and Mom. 
Thank you for being you and sharing yourself so graceously while doing it so well.  I've been paying attention and hope I can do as well with my life.   

PS:  And did you notice I actually told every one how old you really are? 

lol  Evil aren't I?

Last weeks items:
  1. Flowers stitched onto Lil Miss Shabby
  2. 2 threads sewn onto Scaredy Sheep fob- did 6! 
  3. Start the knitting the slouchy hat (Need to purchase some knitting needles, I have everyother size but these!)  Didn't do this but changed it up and did start knitting a dishrag!   Just could't find the required circular needle.
  4. Label PGD#1 advent calendar - DONE!  Elfie, the elf on the shelf loves it too and actually sat in one of the advent pockets a couple of times now.  McKenna did an excellent job on her advent calendar and I hope she enjoys it for many years to come though she generously give it to her Mom for Christmas.
The list of four I wrote out didn't get totally done, only two of the items were done and the one I changed did get started so not too bad attending to three especially since I've been sick again with the yearly bronchitis, sinus, ear and asthma situation.  Both DH and I are wondering when we'll need to move south for our health.  Each year it's getting more difficult for my lungs.  SO I'm on antibiotics, steroids and more steroid inhalers besides the nebulizer treatments.  Never realized when I was sick how difficult my breathing was until my lungs started opening back up.  Can I say how nice it is to breath! 
So this weeks list of Four are:
  1. Flowers stitched onto Lil Miss Shabby
  2. 2 more threads on Shephards Bush scaredy sheep
  3. Finish the completed CXS Santa and reindeer as a balsam pillow to hang in the master bedroom
  4. Finish knitting dish rag with the wrap over technique every 5 rows.
 Meatloaf for dinner and while thats cooking will make up some spaghetti sauce to freeze for a
quick dinner another night.  Of course I need to start with my Christmas cards and
go downstairs to find some more decorating items for the kitchen. 
It's so beautiful outside with it snowing.   DH is plowing the driveway and the Christmas carols are playing. 
At least that bitter cold is now insulated with the 8 inches of snow covering our area. 
Enjoy your day.

Monday, December 2, 2013

December beginnings and November's New FO.....

Was  away for Thanksgiving and now that I'm home am getting the home ready for Christmas.  My creativity has hit a slump recently and  it's been slow progress with several UFOs.   My lungs are also giving me their usual fits that happens at this time of year too. 
After receiving an order from Annie's Catolog with items I thought could be helpful with marking the "Tweet Camping quilt" that I'd like to quilt more in three different area.  I received the Sullivans 6 in 1 marking pencil, not sure if I like this yet) and the Clover quilting transfer mesh. 
My ideas for more quilting on this quilt is"
  1.  the brown sashing with a diamond row,
  2. the wild print of birds fabric using either a small meander or quilt the outlines of the birds and flowers it contains
  3.  the stacks of four blocks to be quilted with an X in each.
Since some of it is quilted, the measurements are a bit off and I'm trying to find the easest and best way to mark those diamond rows in that dark brown.  Wish me luck!
The lil' MIss Shabby June block is almost done. 
Only the flowers left to sew after they get marked (ah hum... for the fourth time that is!).
Started this next project in November as a NEW FO.  It's a counted cross stitch fob from Shephards Bush design called Scaredy Sheep.  It's been on my want to do some day list for several years so with  
Barb's New FO challenge, seems to be just the right push for me to start something new, thanks Barb!

While cleaning up to decorate I thought of hiding my CXS (counted cross stitch) project in a quote worthy box on the mantel.  Makes it readily available, but not so messy by setting it on a TV tray which is my usual mode.

Looks so much better doesn't it! 
Currently the stockings are hung, some decorations are out, and many gifts wrapped.  Who knows, perhaps I'll be ahead of the game this year.

The list of four for this week are:
  • Flowers stitched onto Lil Miss Shabby
  • 2 threads sewn onto Scaredy Sheep fob
  • Start the knitting the slouchy hat                                                                                                                           (Need to purchase some knitting needles, I have everyother size but these!)
  • Label PGD#1 advent calendar
Keep sane and warm,

Did you know that Schmetz needles has a "cheat sheet' of which needles are which for their color banded needles?
Here's a handy link where you can print out that chart in an 8x10 format or here for two 4x6 versions. 
I printed out both for a reference though I do have a needle wheel where I can select which needle is in my machine whenever I change it and that way I always know what is in my machine.  It's very handy and when I see another sale with these will get a couple more for the granddaughter's machine and my portable Bernina too.  They are that handy!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Full of Gratitude and

From our crew to yours,
We are wishing you a very
Happy Thanksgiving!
If you are the source of this photo,
please let me know so I may give you proper credit.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Starburst QAL

Just stumbled across a Starburst QAL and have asked to join in.  The plan is for scraps but a planned scrappy perheps with a patriotic feel.  Off to rumage through some fibers to make the first block.  It's still available through Allison at Little Bunny Quilts.    

My last list of four didn't happen, only two were completed which were the carved pumpkin and the pants  hemmed.   For the other two,  progress was only made on the Lil' Miss Shabby Embroidery beside s of course starting a counted cross  stitch fob designed by  Sheperd's Bush called Scaredy Sheep.    I must be having a case of startitus and plese be warned it's VERY contagious!    I never did even one quilt stitch on Tweet camping!   SO this week the list of four are:
  • Quilt brown sashing in Tweet Camping- still auditioning what to quilt in that area, (that's my delay)!
  • Finish embroidery on June's  'Lil Miss Shabby
  • Paper piece block #1 on Starburst QAL- will be scrap stashing for this one.
  • Listing a wild card here, leaving it open as my muse calls for I  will follow.
Happy stitching,


Friday, November 15, 2013

Datebook - Phi Theta Kappa

I'm feeling ... proud
I'm seeing ... house full of love
I'm hearing ... Tickle (DH is watching that program, Moonshiners-ugh!  )
I'm thinking ... please turn off that TV
I'm cooking ... nothing, done for the day
I'm planning ... breakfast, PGS#3 spending his first night here without his sister.
I'm reading ...  Icebound by Dr. Jerri Nielson
I'm wearing ... black slacks, burgandy sweater
I'm creating ... counted cross stitch of Scaredy Sheep scissor fob designed by Shepherds Bush
I'm enjoying ... life's moments
I'm sharing ... Photo of my daughter with her family when inducted to Phi Theta Kappa tonight.    (I'm so proud!   She acknowledged me as her mentor.  Way to go Honey!!!)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Veteran's Day and 11/12/13

Have been sick recently with a cold.   This past weekend was a busy and a sad one.  I was out of town for my guild's meeting with a friend on Saturday.  Then on Sunday and Monday we were mourning the loss of two friends with the ceremonies all of that contains.  All because of a tragic accident and lives snuffed out too quickly.   Goodbye Frannie and Barb.  You are taking this last trip together, may you both find peace.

So with all that shared,  I didn't do what I normally like to do and post of honored Holidays, my birthday and unique dates.   I am okay and will beback shortly.    Am gathering my steam .....  Jane

Monday, November 4, 2013

Quilt Show Entry #5

Was a Jack in the Pulpit wall hanging.


The main panel in this was stenciled in 1998 and then it sat.  After getting the borders on a radiant star quilt that shares these fabrics, I was finally able to select which fabric this one called for and am pleased.
This one was finished in about 20 hours worth of time.  Now why did it wait for a decade and a half to get totally done? 
I swear this perfectionism thing is so crippling when it comes to creativity. 
Done is better than perfect any day.

For finishing a dark green flange edged between the first maroon border and this batik was the final border. 

For quilting, a meander around the centered stencil's background with an 100 weight ivory silk thread and Superior's Bottom line in the bobbin. For the maroon border, it was just echo quilted 1/4" away from the seam lines with a dual duty thread that matched that color the best. That left the outside border of batik to be quilted with a 100 weight dark green silk in a vine and leaf freehand motif where again a Bottom Line thread was in the bobbin.

All in all this one is pleasing and I am so happy it's done.  It amazed me during the layering process of my hesitation to use "good fabric" for the back and how crippled I became.  Since there really was no time to hesitate in that step I called my Mom after wishy washing for over an hour contemplating which fabrics to use and/or how to do the backing.   Her response was classic.

She said, "On No Janie.  Don't use that fabric.  Wait until you die so your daughter or Wayne can throw it in the trash bin or give it to someone else." 

Obviously I became strong and cut the fabric I wanted.   Will have to frame those words for future projects and reference to stop this paralyzing hesitation.  lol  

Only 2 left to share for entries.  Not sure when, there is more quilting that needs to be done on all three large quilts.  Am currently working on the Tweet Camping, quilting the dark brown sashings and inner borders right now.  Will show all of that when it is totally done.

My list of Four this week is;
  1. June's Lil' Miss Shabby embroidery block
  2. Brown sashing in Tweet camping quilted
  3. Hem work Pants for son's friend
  4. Carve a pumpkin

Of course I won't be listing all the other chores needed like chauffeuring, cleaning, cooking and  other hot spots that need action but I'll be making efforts there along with letting my body exercise which it so desires. 

Enjoy your week.  


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Quilt Show entry #4 - All because of Trudy

My friend Trudy is a remarkable soul.  Her Birthday is today and I feel privileged to have her as a friend and a mentor.  This quilt otherwise known as Dragonfly Carnival, my fourth submission for our quilt show is the result of this friendship and came to be all because of Trudy.   I will hang it with love for all to see. 
To explain, here's a short narrative of this wall hanging.  I think it was in 2010 our circle of friends quilting group gathered at Trudy's house on Lake Champlain to work on a Ricky Timms' style Convergence wall hanging.  Yes, she's very hospitable and gracious that way.  We all brought fabric to work on and Trudy was teaching us since she had made several of these already.  Yes, she's an excellent teacher, so wise and can read people intuitively.   My fabrics wouldn't work well enough and Trudy gave me some of her Ricky Timms fabric to make mine, yes she is that generous and she had just returned from another of Ricky Timms conferences with another friend Cathy.   So we sewed, laughed and shared our day each making most of this.  Now during that time in my life I was still trying to "work with " all the medicines I need to take for the spinal cord injury and my brain was and still can be in a fog at times.  Not too many troubles though with sewing on it this that day and like all other days it came to an end. 
Life goes on... you know the drill.  Anyway, fast forward to the next year and while at a quilting retreat in Odgensburg I brought my wall hanging to work on since it languished as a UFO. Thankfully, I was sitting next to Trudy.   I assembled the center top and knew something was wrong with it but truly couldn't figure it out.  I pondered for about half an hour and  finally mentioned that I knew something was wrong it but with the Rx's and health issues I was just going to let it be and continue on with it having it represent the struggles I was dealing with.    She also noticed something amiss but didn't say anything and asked if she could look at it to figure it out.  Yep, she's that kind of person that knows yet doesn't force herself on you until asked.  Well she found the err in the construction and kindly offered her insight.  Being receptive to it, we ripped out the problem and I continued on sewing it together and being much happier now it proceeded.  Another weekend of sharing wonderful times with close friends.  That brings it to the next year when I finally made the time to lay out the fabrics to align colors best so it could be finished with the borders.  I know, I'm a slow stitcher and finisher but that truly is okay with me.  It was sewed all together and there it sat again while I  dreamt on about it.  There it was as a top, now what to quilt on it? 

Ahhh, finally inspiration came, dragonflies! A spirited symbol that  she and I both admire. Off again on my merry way until the time to quilt the borders and there it sat. So I registered this wall hanging in June for the October quilt show to push me to get 'er done and stop this dalliance.

The above photo shows a dragonfly head that I wasn't super happy with and was working on.  It looked like a derriere(or breasts) with eyeballs stuck on it!   What's that phrase I use lately?  oh yea,  "perfectionism is a very crippling agent to creativity".  Anyway I progressed along with the deadline looming ever closer.  The next photo  shows a couple of the dragonflies and you can click on any of the images to get a better glimpse of the details if you wish.

Next came the finishing touches, piping and binding on it.  Here's where I shared a peek about it in a September post.   
The label was made when I was feeling silly I guess, it really stretched out my artist's skills, lol.

So here she is- the fourth quilt show entry and it's all because of Trudy- the Dragonfly Carnival.

Thanks my dear friend and Happy Birthday!  I Love you loads!


Friday, November 1, 2013

October's New FO

While catching my breath after the warp speed of getting my projects done for the quilt show there came a time to create some New FO's that I've been wanting and needing to tackle.   First we were able to harvest 65 pounds of Concord Grapes fom our two vines.  While the youngest grand was at preschool, we cut almost all of our grapes off, but left a few clusters for him to cut when he got home.  You have to teach the young ones early about helping in the harvest right?  He had fun.
So I got about 30 quarts of grape juice and about 20 pints of Grape Jelly put up for the winter. 
That counts as a New Fo Barb, right?  lol  
A new to us recipe was tried with  a lower sugared version on half of the jelly,
hopefully it will be fine,  crossing my fingers. 
Next came some New FO's of a different version.  A couple of  arts and crafts projects to do with both grandchildren. 
The idea came from Martha Stewart and I printed out her pumpkin faces on card stock to have ready when the time came.   I tried to share the link with the exact same spot I got these from. but can't find it quickly, sorry.  
Coming back to edit since it was just found here.
Pretty cute right? 
Then my grand daughter taught me how to create a pumpkin with a craft she learned at Girl Scouts.  Her's is on the right and  mine is on the left.  She thought I did okay and she continued to make the centered pumpkin with an idea she had. 

I do love that she is so creative!

That brings us to the morning of Halloween, super woman (not sure if I am taking about her or me) here.                                                       Arriving 30 minutes before the AM school bus at my house, she has a broken superwoman boot and the homemade super girl cape I made her earlier this year or last can't be worn with her costumes' velcro parts.  The cape was made to velcro around her neck to close, not hang off a costume and the other type of hook or loop part was needed in one area of it to make it work.                                                                                    Anyways, she asked if I could fix it?  In 25 minutes?    Okay. I'll try, you eat your breakfast and I went to work.  One boot fixed, the velcro changed on the cape, great!  Perfect, got it done.  Then I heard from her, "Thanks Meme you're the best,  but could you fix my other boot like you did this one?"  10 minutes before the bus now....... I got busy, ripped the offending part off the other boot and sewed on new elastic.                                     Finished them all with 3 minutes to spare,  Phew! !!!                           Okay now I'll have my cup of tea.                                                            She caught the bus with a broad smile on her face. 
8:00 AM, That's when the lil' guy asked.  "Can you make a Minion costume for me?"  With the Halloween parade at his sisters' school taking place we had to leave at 8:30 am. 
SEW.....I got busy again
but at least with a cup of tea in hand this time. 
First the glasses, thank goodness I had some of my canning stuff not put away yet and  I had an idea......

The Ball canning rims for glasses with black elastic super glued in the right areas.   Papa had to search in his clothes for the right yellow tee shirt and Brody went to the mitten and glove box to look and see if we had some black gloves. 
And viola.....
  a MINION!   
vido, vido, vido......

He says he's Dave the minion. Too cute! 
I told them next year I need more notification though like perhaps several days. 
My daughter laughed with glee when she saw it and heard the story. 
Ahhh, Such is life. 
We all had a great time at his sister's school and enjoyed a turkey dinner lunch since Grandparent's Day was also being celebrated. 
When we got home, I had such a yearning for a nap though, I was totally spent!

 Happy Halloween Everyone!!!! 


Am thinking of making my November New FO one of these.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Spook-tacular Train Ride

Youngest grandchildren PGD#1 and PGS#3, ages 8 and 4 enjoyinbg the Hallowen train ride with their disguises.  2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

2013 Quilt show entry #2 & 3

You saw this earlier this year, but I'll share some some snapshots of the "Field of Flowers Quilt" with a coordinating "cheerleader pillow" made for my only granddaughter otherwise known here as PGD#1 that were taken before quilt show take ins. 

A good friend snapped this shot while it hung at the quilt show with how it was displayed, Thanks G!
I should have documented what I used for these two projects that were first shared here, but I didn't.  That was before realizing that this could be a great place to note the particulars used for many of the different projects made for future reference.  I know it was a 100% cotton backing that was purchased at $3.00 a yard and it was perfect colors for the back (you can see that if your interested in the above link, it's in the photo of the label.)   A meandered flower quilting pattern was used throughout the quilt with a hidden message quilted and shown here.  But other than that, not sure which threads were used.  An aqua pipe and the binding edge finished with the same white that's in the quilt.  Never used a white binding before, it'll be interesting to see how this fares with time. 

For the pillow: ric rac, piping, variegated yarn to make the pom poms and a larger pompom trim being tweaked to make her shoes.  The quilting was done as it was made choosing a straight line grid both vertical for behind the doll in the while area then horizontal lines for the other 2 bands of color before appliquing her down leaving the arms and legs loose.  Those items were sewed first then turned  to finish the edges.  She also has a blouse using the Laurel Burch stipe that's in the quilt with a boat neck collar so the T shirt print on the doll panel became her athletic undergarment and then appliqued the whole head, shirt with arms and legs assembly onto the quilted area.  To finish more fabric was added fabric on the sides then a  meander quilt on those sections before adding ric rac and piped trimmings.  The back was simple with a zippered and quilted back.    This was my own design and I found it challenging.  Each step was visualized thoroughly before visually proceeding to the next  continuously making notes and shifting steps along the way.  Am so pleased with the results and the creativity/uniqueness it contains.  8^)

To continue using up the fabrics used in these projects several pillow cases were also made but not placed in the show.   You can see those here.  All in all I enjoyed these projects and how I didn't have to rush with them. 
Enjoy your day,


Monday, October 14, 2013

Quilt show entries, First one- "Tweet Camping"

Thank goodness our local quilt show isn't a judged show, otherwise most of my entries would have been shown to the door.  And no, I am not kidding!   Our show has many ribbons that people can win and people with all kinds of areas, expertise and backgrounds are asked to pick their favorite.  Of course some picks are spectacularly done quilts, well deserving of their awards while some others are nice quilts, but not as great as some that are just as well deserving IMHO.    The show kept taking my breath away with the many and varietied quilts shown.   I also would be remiss not to  mention that a good friend, Michele won a well deserved ribbon for her New York Beauty Quilt entry (Talk about Gorgeous!!!) and my granddaughter won a ribbon for her first Doll Quilt. 
Well done Michele, McKenna and fellow members of CVQG of NY!
I did the bare minimum for quilting because I procrastinated way too long.  
When I registered them in June, I figured they  would be done for the show.   
I had 5, Yep,  I said 5 UFOS that I entered. 
I figured that by committing them to be there, I'd get them done.  ROTFLOL!!!!
But I swear
I will never,
I mean NEVER EVER!!  do this to myself again!!!
So this post will share the parts about
"Tweet Camping"
This quilt came to be  because I found this Bird fabric at my LQS and fell in Love with it.   The pattern design was inspired by a connecting threads kit I saw in their catolog but the dimensions wouldn't work because it was a baby quilt and the much smaller blocks wouldn't play well with this fabric so  I played with lots of math to make my own.  With the pattern, I really like the fact that all of those rectangles were being stacked and packed so to speak (a much needed choir when it comes to camping) so it seemed a perfect fit especially with the wobbliness of those stacks tottering.  Shopping my stash first,  then shopping for  a few more batiks to throw in for good measure gives this quilt a bit of color and punch.  I find projects made from different fabric lines is very appealing.  Quickly,  I even envisioned having shipping peanuts (circular shaped packing protectors) quilted in the white background areas with much more quilting done for the boxes, sashings and borders. So off it went.
What I was able to get done was quilt a "linking squares" meander  in the outside blue borders 
with the "peanut packing" for the white areas. 
Running out of time, I had to leave the rest of the quilting for when I have more time after the show. 
Thankfully it hung well enough at the show not to be too huge of an embarrassment.   A vanilla cream, minkee dot was used for this back which makes it a very cuddly and drapable quilt.  

Close up shots of the quilting in the border, white spacings while I was auditioning bindings.  
Quilting was done with a Universal needle without any problems
using the minkee dot backing, as for the threads, many were used. 
In the borders a Superior Lava Thread called KuKui Nut (soft browns) was used for the top and bobbin.
In the white background a Superior's Kimono white silk(color 373) for the top and
 Superior's White Bottom Line in the bobbin.
I'm thinking of dong a back and forth motion in the sashings and perhaps cross haches in the stacked boxes but am unsure what to do in the bird focal fabric.  Any and all ideas or suggestions are welcome.  What would you do? 
I love having piping or flanges on many of my projects, but elected not to on this one and just finished it simply by using the striped fabric that went with this fabric line called  "Love Lives Here" by P. Carter Carpin by P&B textiles.    I love this bird print and it fit the bill nicely for the For the Birds hop I participated in earlier this year.  Another tidbit to share is how a different label was made for it.  I folded 2 blocks with some sashing from that row I took off the quilt since it was really too long before borders and turned them into a label.  If there is any damage in the years to come, that label can help with many of the fabrics contained within.  Also a strip of the selvage from that fabric line was used too as to document more of the information and who wouldn't like the motto "love lives here".
Here's how it looks:
To the left of those stacked blocks is the date, quilt name, place done and maker's name documented centered with more brown and blue fabrics.
 This is the largest label I've ever made, it's huge 14"x 12".

 Finally I'll share a shot of "Herman" the weeping cedar bush near the pool deck, showing Tweet Camping in the backyard where love lives here.

Tweet Camping
88" x 88"
I'll share more of the quilts that were entered by me bit by bit. Sorry this was photo heavy but I wanted documentation for  future reference.  First item on my agenda this week will be to quilt the sashings on this quilt and read the book The Saving Graces which our club meets on Wednesday to discuss.  I totally slid on my reading while focusing on getting ready for the show.  Enjoy your Holiday. 

Jane    8^)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Humming along


Close up of the quilt pattern in the radiant star.........

Petal to the metal ...........
Will be getting this done by Thursday!!!! 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I think I can, I think I can...

All of the items that were listed this past last Monday are checked off my to do list and have been moved onto the to DONES list!  LOL 

Batik Reprieve aka: 40 Diamonds - DONE!
Tweet Camping otherwise known here as stacked and packed - DONE!

Next on my radar will be:
  1. Quilt the Jack in the Pulpit wall hanging- getting to this next! 
  2. Bind  the Jack in the Pulpit (I may stitch the binding by machine on the back and then turn and topstitch the edge down by the machine as well.  Will ponder my timeline for this while quilting it though I do want to hand stitch the binding on the upcoming Radiant Star project that's next though it's 102" x102" square so it'll be time consuming and that clock seems to be ticking faster!
  3. Quilt Adirondack Radiant Star- Tonight hopefully I can start that after getting practice on the Jack and the Pulpit.  I did get this  ironed and layered on Friday yippee skippee!
  4. Make 3 sleeves that will be pinned on the larger quilts in time for turn in on Friday evening.  Ican only hope I don't have to finish stitching it in the parking lot!
That leaves these 1-2 projects to get done this week by Thursday.  I think I can......
I'll be back to share some photos of these beauties.  Sorry the weather is so drab to grab a shot of them now not to mention the mist in the air.   
Jane       8~)

Monday, September 30, 2013

Plodding along and some friends think I'm nuts!

The list of four tasks were pretty much completed by this past weekend. 

With DH's Batik Reprieve aka his 40 Diamonds Quilt,  (one for each year of marriage) I am on my fourth side handstitching the binding onto the back.  What a bugger it is to stitch through that minkee backing.  Found a new trick about stitching on Minkee, so do you want to know what I figured out?  Use Joan Shay's petal play Appli-bond needle.  It works much easier than a traditional quilting and sewing needle.  I even made a bright green piping by machine to edge this quilt and it seems perfect.  With the quilting I did an echo stitch on all the sashings & cornerstones and then outlined stitched the diamond shapes by turning back the edges on those "on point diamonds" just like you do for a cathedral window effect, thus 20 shaped diamonds and 20 stitched diamonds making the 40 Diamonds that's also now in it's  name.  Crafty aren't I?  lol    The only bits I need to do on this project after handstitching the binding is to make the label and then attach muslin sleeves for the show that will be held on the weekend of October 12th and 13th.  Piece of cake!  Those muslin sleeves will be pinned on and not permanent after I finsih using them for all the machine quilting.  This finished at 103" x 85", a very nice size.

The Dragonfly Carnival is totally done and I love it.

Ripped out one of the horiontal rows on the Tweet Camping quilt and was able to get all the borders on her.  Also  got it layered this morning and used another pieced minkee backing for this one too.  I just love the fliudity of a quilt made with the minkee backing.  SO cuddly and has a nice weight and drape.  Tomorrow I'll  start machine quilting it.  I plan on doing circles in the white background areas, for the blue borders- a meander of right angles and I am still pondering what to quilt in the bird fabric (may just do a worm-y meander in that part) and finally for the dark brown sashing perhaps a 1/4" echo stitch or a swishing back and forth design flowing along those frames.   The boxes I'll be leaving alone at this point.  I may do a stitch in the ditch quilting for that area.   This will finish at an 88"  x 88" in size, perfect for the camper's master bedroom.

For this next week my list of four are:

  1. Totally finish DH's  40 Diamond/ Batik Reprieve quilt.
  2. Quilt the Tweet Camping Quilt and Pipe? / bind it by machine- hand stitching to finish next weekend.
  3. Make the Jack in the Pulpit wallhanging.  I think this will end up becoming a pillow to compliment the Adirondack (Radiant) Star Quilt that I still need to finish for this show too.  I'll be making this in a more slip shod manner and tear it apart after the show.  AM thinking of doing a pillowcase method for the edges and then a quick quilting with water soluble thread to just  call it done since I filled out the registration form saying it wouldbe a wall hanging not a pillow.   
  4. Wash and iron the backing for the Adirondack Star and perhaps get it layered by Friday, yup, that's only 4 days away.    This will need to be totally done in one week's time after that.  I was thinkin gof trying to trapunto some assymetrical diamond in the second border on two corners and the opposing two corners traputo a pomegranite vine but then I won't be able to totally quilt it before the show.  I just may continue on this way and save much of the feathering and stippling for afterwards since it's not a judged show.  Time will tell on this one.
I am pushing and will be getting these all done with one day to spare.  Uh humm...That's my plan and I'm sticking to it!!!  Thank goodness we have a hot tub to soothe my aches and pains in my neck and shoulder areas.  I swear while hand stitching I can do about 3- 5 stitches then I have to rest my arms with the pins and needles from my pinched spinal cord and arm and feet nerves bothering me.  After resting for 4-5 minutes then I can resume and do another 4-5 stitches.    On and on, sew on and sew forth...... but I will prevail and it will be done.  Amen and Alleluia.

Stay well and have fun creating,




Sunday, September 22, 2013

It continues

"Orange" Phlox bloomed this year and loved them.
I will share a snap of the Dragonfly Carnival wall hanging with the piping treatment she got.
Am loving how this looks, NICE!

I also am progressing on the quilts I need completed by the 11th of October. 
My list of 4 "chores" that need completion this week are:

  1. Label the Dragonfly Carnival and finish sewing the binding to complete it.
  2. Finish quilting the 10 minute block quilt I've named the Batik Reprieve.
  3. Make binding and get it machine sewn on the Batik Reprieve and a small label done for it too.  Then next week I can start attaching the sleeve.
  4. Rip out one row on the Tweet Camping, aka the camper quilt.  I have been hesitating putting all the borders on this one because it just didn't seem right that it was so long.  This will allow me to have all four sides with borders and with the top and bottom borders being narrower in  width than the side borders.  Hopefully by Friday I can get this layered at my grandson's preschool where I don't have to move that much furniture or crawl around on the floor to do it.  Just move a few chairs in the dining hall area and slide a couple of tables together.  Now why didn't I think of using them before? 

See the angel in the swing shot photo?  Guess what he did?
Yep!  He gave himself a HAIR CUT.  God bless.  He knew he did was wrong quickly.  You can tell by this expression that he got in trouble too.  So it went from a nicely style hair cut to a buzz cut given to him by his Papi.  His Dad didn't want him to feel bad so Papi cut Daddy's hair too,  (that's something I would never do unless a severe illness and then I would do it for solidarity to help with the healing).   

His sister had her first day at school.  For a minute or two that morning I thought, then asked if  McKenzie would be going with her.    And this was the answer I got. 

 Talk about an angel flipping her switch.
Meme, I am not bringing my doll to school!
On Wednesday, Papi and I were able to go on one more field trip to the local orchard.  This will be the last time for this younger generation with preschool.   We had a nice time and all the preschoolers were very attentive about the grandfather "snow" variety tree in the orchard when Brian explained it.

After the field trip we enjoyed a picnic near Lake Champlain, at the Samuel D. Champlain's monument with another activity of feeding the ducks afterwards.    The lake near the mouth of the Saranac River was a hive of activity with all the seagulls swooping down towards the water.  We think there was a hatch of lampreys just floating by since one seagull landed on a concrete abutment near us and had a 4" long resilient worm-like creature he was trying to kill for his dinner.   We should have grabbed the camera and snapped that photo.
Also I'm sharing a couple of the finished projects that PGD#1 completed.  She started these with her cupcake kids sewing circle group. 

10 minute table runner for her bedroom
We had a modeling session and both of us had a blast.

Anthology bag I shared on my blog previously without her.



She adds her own bit of style with the bag though, it's so much cuter!

Notice the band aids.and I'm not sure why she's closing her eyes,
perhaps her attempt at being coy.

Don't know what this pose was all about.

But it brought out a big smile though




PS: I'm smiling right now just remembering our shoot.  I Love you Girl!

Enjoy your blessings, I do mine.

Also PGS#3 just started his speech sessions and I'm impressed by his willingness & attentiveness to go every time. 
Can only hope this trend lasts.