Wednesday, January 2, 2013

In Your Own Words Blog Hop

There is a new blog hop starting on January 7th that should be loads of  fun!  The "In Your Own Words" Hop is being hosted by Linda of Buzzing and Bumbling Blog and highlighted by Madamme Samm and a huge list of other bloggers, myself included (VBG!). 

Please check out all the different  sites since so many ideas and creativity will be shared with you during this time.  When you leave a comment on Linda's blog, your name  will be in the drawing for some nice prizes and some of the  participating blogs will even host giveaways on their own during this hop. You will be inspired so many ways during this hop.   Be sure you join us!  Isn't that a great way to start the new year!!!

Here is the schedule for the upcoming hop that will be starting in just 5 days!

Monday, January 7
Kwilty Pleasures (Kathy G.)
Sew Darn Quilt (Carolyn R.)
Traveling Quilter (Debbie A.)
Just Let Me Quilt (Carol S.)
Vroomans Quilts (Sharon V.)
Cate's Linens (Catherine R.)
Nini and the Sea (Denise)
Tuesday, January 8
Piece Peace nc (Patricia G.)
A Stitch in Time (Patty D.)
krislovesfabric (Kris T.)
Ths Slow Quilter (Felicia F.)
Wednesday, January 9

Buzzing and Bumbling  (Linda W.)
Kathy's Quilts (Kathy W.)
Sunshine Quilting (Martina S.)
Grammie Q's (Charlotte M.)
Dancing Moon (Carla B.)
Thursday, January 10
Just Sew Sue (Sue B.)
Scrappy 'n Happy (Jess R.)
Sowing Stitches (Beulah aka. Carol)
Just Quilt It (Kathy G.)
Friday, January 11
Jane's Fabrics (Jane R.)
Jane's Quilting (Jane C.)
Nuts 4 Redwork (Heide W.)
Bits and Pieces (Martha R.)
Life in Every Breath (Jennifer B.)
Quilting Lines (Patricia L.)
Meadowbrook (Kristen K.)
Count It All Joy! (Denise P.)
Sophie Junction (Sophie W.)
Monday, January 14

Buzzing and Bumbling (Linda W.)
Clothes and Crafts (Maria K.)
Simple Sew (Shirley T.)
Woolie Mammoth (Anna B.)
RocknQuilts (Mary Ann)
Quiltsmiles (Jane E.)
Tuesday, January 15
Buzzing and Bumbling (Linda W.)
BQuiltin Studio (Beverly K.)
Hill Valley Quilter (Britt-Inger)
Bumbleberry Stitches (Theresa K.)
Outback Crafter (Debra S.)
In Stitches and Seams (Annette S.)
Englating (Marica from Sweden)
Stitchin by the Lake (Marlene B.)
Selina Quilts (Selina)
Words & Stitches (Beth S.)
Wednesday, January 16

Buzzing and Bumbling(Linda W.)
Sew Many Yarns (Lyndsey M.)
The German Mom (Tina S.)
Christa Quilts (Christa W.)
Sew We Quilt (Mdm. Samm)
Looking back through my projects there have been many times I've used my own words or letters in them.  Here's a sampling with links bringing you to where I posted about them.
Like the most recent project of  The Big Easy where I quilted a little message in the borders of it.
Meme {heart}s You in the quilting 
Last year's Inukshuk quiltlet that I also quilted in a more Art form style on the piece by having block puffy letters going vertically down the side spelling out   INUKSHUK.
The wool roving initial on the pin cushion last fall
To the appliqued phrase on the backing of my Alien Invasion Quilt a couple of years ago.
There are other projects where I used letters and words.  The patchabilities that  I love to do with the Valentine hearts' messages  like Kiss, Be Mine, Hugs, etc..., Spring on another and even baby quilts with a surname stitched in the quilting to document who owns it.  One example of this is when I did that on a boy's baby quilt.  There were tractor trailers on it  in a  panel I used so I sttched the last name with a contracting business ad on the trailer's side since his Dad is a contractor.  Turned out cute though I never grabbed a photo of it.  

I never know when I will be adding wording to a project, sometimes like the patchabilities it's in the actual pattern (but I do use my artistic license to change it), or an idea will come at of no where and to me it just has to be added.  The Project that I am working on and will be shared with you on the 14th  I am trying not to deliberate too hard on  and it's a rather simple idea.  Stay tuned.

As for other UFO's that I've been working on here's the latest block done for Lil' Miss Shabby BOM.  It's December's block  obviously.  I plan on attaching some crystals to the tree after the quilt is totally finished to add more bling to this tree.  
Yeah!  I do realize that I'm only about a year+ behind when everybody else got theirs done, but I do work at my own pace ya!

Next up is the label for The Big Easy Quilt. 
Just another example of where words on projects are necessary and used frequently.
Stay warm, it's suppose to hit 20 below tonight.  Brrrrr!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that December block might be the one I missed. Then I just have July and December to do!

Love your Alien Invasion back - very creative!

Can't believe how many blogs are on that hop! It'll take me days to get through them all - good thing they aren't all on the same day!